Problems with Magnetic ride / suspension


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Im having problems with my magnetic ride on my S3.

Last year i changed the stock springs to the H&R lowering springs, and everything was good as soon as the springs had settled. until about 2-3 months ago.

I got my Wagner IC installed. The next day driving the car home from the shop. (all they did was change the IC) it felt like the suspension wasnt working / absorbing anything. bad / uneven roads is REALLY bad, its bad for me as a driver, but even worse for passengers. especially for passengers in the back seats.

Im still wondering how changing the IC, can effect the suspension? :huh:

I went to audi a few weeks back. hoping a magnetic ride calibration would help. it felt like it did, for about 10 minutes, then it was back to being undriveable again.

Today i went back to them, in hope for some clarification. All they did was drive my car for a few minutes, then determined that it drove like it was supposed to, and nothing was wrong. from what i know, they havnt worked on a S3 with magnetic ride before.

Do anyone know the procedure when calibrating the magnetic ride on a S3 8p?

I for a fact know that something is wrong, and my cars suspension is nowhere near how it used to be.

I did consider going back to stock springs front & back. just to see if it would solve my problem.

let me know if you need any info about the car.

i need advice, so i can get my S3 back, and drive like it used to :sorry: