Problems shutting the boot now the boot will not open.


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Nov 18, 2012
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Car is a 2004 A3 2.0 tdi.

I have had the odd time when my boot would not shut properly but nothing to cause me a problem. Over the last couple of weeks it has got worse to the point where it can take me 5 minutes to get it to shut.

Today I tried to open my boot and it will not budge! I unlock all the doors using the key fob and press the handle (I can hear the mechanism moving) but nothing it won't move. If I keep trying by pressing the handle the mechanism stops making a noise until I leave it a while.

Is there another way to open the boot and what do I need to do to rectify the problem? Oh and what type of damage should my wallet expect?

When you had the initial trouble of closing the boot in the first place didn't you check whether the catch on the lid or the sill was damaged or misaligned?
I did have a quick look and to be honest it all looked fine but then again I am no expert!
If u go in from the inside of ur car, remove the small tab in the center of the panel (use a torch ull see what i mean) pull on the string and the boot will open manually provided everythings ok with the mechanism.
Ok managed to get the boot open by leaning on the boot and pressing the handle. I have shut and opened it twice now so it is not sticking shut.

The only thing is I am back to the problem if it not shutting. What's the best solution for this? Do I need a new locking mechanism? How much are these and how easy to fit are they?

how do i get access to the locking motor? do i take the panel of from inside the boot? If so how do i get it off? Sorry for all the questions just need the boot when you have 3 kids!

thanks again
Sounds like the lock is too tight? On the boot sill opening you can adjust the lock hook with a torx bit. Try pulling out towards the rear of the car a touch.
It is boot actuator, problem is caused by rear wiper leaking and washer fluid running down and into the actuator. Common problem if you have a read up.
* there is a manual operation to open the boot from the inside, but requires the boot inside cover pulling off. There is x2 or x3 Torx and rest are clips.*