Problems adding my vehicle to the Audi Portal


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Hi All,
Has anyone else had problems adding their vehicle details? Yesterday at the Dealership we created my Profile okay, but the car wouldn't register as it said the mileages' didn't match. The Salesman suggested that I drive home and give it a go later once the data had updated. That didn't work, same issue last night.
This morning I can't even log onto the portal as it doesn't recognise my password! Not a happy camper.....


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Yes lots of them - some have no problems, I tried 10-20 times and it eventually worked. The e-tron app has been down for the last 24hrs or so though - and it sounds like the portal is having the same problems - hopefully they are updating it and making it more useful/quicker.

I reported my connection problem to the Audi CS but it took them 3 days to respond, 4 more days of non-returned contacts whilst they were "speaking" to germany about it. I then tried again and it worked - whether they did something or not I don't know. They implied they were going to give me a code which would always work - but as I got it working before they rang back to say it should work now - and I told them it had been working for 2 days. Several threads on speakev e-tron forum about it. - I check here occasionally but its a bit of a dustbowl.

E T Ron

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No issues at all. Then put the app on my phone and Bob's your uncle.
In 43 yrs of motoring I have not yet forgotten where I parked, but there may be a first for everything, I am getting older. Remote start up of the a/c is so cool (sorry), but probably more useful in the winter to have it warmed up and de-iced.
I was sort of assuming I had to put a SIM card in first before this would work so I was surprised. The dealer says it already has an in-built "SIM" for this data. They didn't tell me that before I bought it. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with big brother watching all my movements.