Problem with the programmable steering wheel button


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May 26, 2018
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So I’m sure I’ve seen this issue mentioned somewhere before but I’m not sure what the resolution was!

So I have the star button set to select drive select modes in the S4. This button works intermittently!
Yesterday I took the car into Audi to look at the problem but of course the button didn’t miss perform while they had the car ( or so they said ).
They mentioned that one battery in a key fob might be flat ( there was some code stored) but both batteries are new - and anyway one key is never used and it’s storred away from the car. Their tech said that perhaps the button wasn’t working because both keys hadn’t been synced with the car and I should use both and set them up in MMI - this sounds like BS to me , particularly because I don’t have the advanced key and there doesn’t seem to be any setting I can find in MMI for syncing keys etc.

My questions are:
Are there others with intermittent working buttons ?
Is there a known fix ?
Can keys be synced via MMI ? If so where

Thanks in advance
1 - Yes, I reckon it's about 1 in 10 trips it just doesn't respond. It's been mentioned on here before. When it stops responding, only turning off the car and starting again gets it to work, maybe others have discovered other ways?
2 - Don't know but trying to get anything software related to be upgraded by the dealer is harder than Mohammed "I'm hard" Bruce Lee.
3 - Certain settings in MMI are stored per key. Like A/C settings, radio stations, etc. So yeah, sounds like BS to me too.
I have the button programmed to switch the SatNav between night and day modes. I would say that it's not active until maybe 15 seconds after start?
Mine works probably 7 times out of 10, I have it set for drive select, just another irritating issue.
Yes this intermittent use is a 'feature, but I hardly ever use mine anyway as it is only set to turn on or off traffic...

Here's the thread from the A3/S3 8V forum - exactly the same problem.

In answer to your questions:
1. Yes
2. No
3. Not familiar with the A4/S4 but on the S3 you can press and hold the button until the options to sync with various things appears on the pop up screen. I have it synced to Drive Select. I need to re-sync it each time it intermittently fails.
Mine is set for drive mode too and randomly stops working. If you hold the * button down though it goes to the setup screen, one press and its back working again.


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So i I know I can reset the buttons programming with a hold down and click but, when you quickly want to switch from individual to dynamic for a quick blast or an overtake manoeuvre, by the time I’ve done the gold down reset the button priority trick , the moment has usually passed ! So frustrating!
If a turn signal indicator failed intermittently to come on occasionally, I think Audi might be in a bit more af a hurry to do something about it !