Problem with boost with A3 8l 1.9 tdi


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Hello everyone ... im so confused and i dont know where to find solution for one "small problem" if you can please help me ... Car is remaped at 1.15 bar boost and the problem is ... when the car HIT 3000 rpm boost get back to the stock one 0.9bar .. car is with maf off , new intercooler ,new actuator and everything is okay ... but this problem make's me so confused ... Where to search a problem , please give me some ideas .. The actuator is okay ,n75 is okay , maf off , intercooler is new ,no have leaks ...
I get error with maf sensor but what the maf is off.
Please help me i dont know where to find a help . Where to go in the car service , garage , anywhere i cant find help with this problem..