Problem Starting - Hot or Cold

Nathan Bailey

Blue Audi A3 Sport
So let me first put abit of history behind my car.
When I bought the car it had the original BXE 105PD engine in it, the injectors went on this and the engine seized due to this so i then replaced it with a ASZ 130PDD engine, I had to do a conversion on the crankshaft sensor as the one from the ASZ (EDC15) couldnt be read by the ECU on my car (EDC16).

Now the ASZ had this issue in the previous car so I dont believe it is something I have caused, the engine cranks fine on the key but will take anywhere between 3 seconds to about 20 seconds to start. I have replaced the crankshaft sensor and seal so the timing on this is okay.

Does anyone have a rough idea of anything else it could be? ive read up about the tandem pump but have been told by a 'VW specialist' that if it wasnt working the car wouldnt run AT ALL.

Thanks in advance.

hollows wife

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starter motor turning too slow , may sound like its fine but the rpm of the starter has to reach a specific rpm for the car to start . could be as easy as that . you can either get a recon/new one or if capable enough strip the starter ,clean out all the old grease ,clean the amature ,re-grease and re assemble . the hardest part is slotting the 4 carbon brushes back over . its definately possible to do in a couple of hours total and will have cost you just your time .