Probably selling up A7 BiTDI


A7 S Line BiTDI
Hi guys, regrettably I have come to the decision to sell up with the BiTDI. I have had it nearly two and a half years (longest I have kept a car!) and in that time I have done 13k miles in it. Therefore I am selling up and going back to petrol (most probably a B8.5 Audi S4).

The A7 has served it's purpose, I needed it after extensive knee surgery and it has been the big automatic comfy cruiser I needed it to be and I have loved it! It is fairly modified and understandably not to everyone's taste - So I expect to put it back to standard and then trade it in for the S4.

So unless anyone wants to make me an offer for it as it is I'll just make a list of the parts and you can hound me for prices. I am not in a rush to sell it tbh, nor to put back to standard, I work full time and have minimal time in the evenings / weekends. Based in Rugby (Jct 1 of the M6). I'll post small Items but for wheels / bonnet etc pick up or meet up!

I will put this in the classifieds, but thought I'd get a better audience in the A7 section first.

Brief Car round up:
2012 A7 S-line, Daytona Grey, 105k, FSH, All the usual A7 S Line trim,8spd, quattro, HUD, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise, Rear Sports Diff, Bose, tints, dechrome, red front seatbelts. The mod list is below.
It had refurbed turbos and major service done at 97k, and serviced again at 103k. I am an Engineer and have annoying mechanical sympathy so it gets treated to two major services in 13k and always on Shell V power Diesel.

Bentley Wheels 20x9J gloss black (with two extra tyres), H&R Springs 35mm, Spacers 15mm & 20mm, RS7 Grill, Carbon bonnet, Maxton splitter kit (front splitter damaged heavily), Kufatec Sound module, RS7 diffuser & Tips, RS6 airbox with S6 K&N filter, Darkside intake hose, Darkside intercooler & hoses, S7 brakes front (400mm disc, red stuff pads, callipers carriers hoses), De DPF pipe (not darkside), BSR tuned approx. 410bhp 820nm.

Brilliantly I am unable tp upload pics on this laptop, but I have recently posted on 'Post your A7/S7/RS7 pics here' thread! Also, before you offer me a price on either the car, or parts - please do your research on how much they are to buy and also how easy they are to get hold of. If you want to have a serious conversation about parts / the car PM me and I'll send my number. I've not advertised this anywhere else yet but will over the coming days.
Thanks, Eric