PRNDS flashing


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I had this problem around this time last year and it stopped after a few months. The car has been driving perfectly since, but yesterday evening after driving all day no problem it has recurred, again its driving perfectly well but since I drive using the paddles not auto its annoying not knowing what gear I'm in. Anyone have any idea what could cause this issue?


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Scan the car, but it could be the Microswitch under the gear lever, it's well hidden, need to get a finger in there & flick it up & down numerous times & see if it then corrects the flashing, if so then switch needs changing out as usually it's a whole gear unit swap & that's £500 plus for the part plus fitting which takes quite a few hours.

I've swapped switches out before if it's this, you can't buy them separately either.


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Thanks, it seems to be fine again now, so I'm suspecting you could be right with the micro switch, is it when the switch is in it flashes?


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If its the switch, the switch detects whether the lever is in park.

Will throw an error if the switchs thinks its in park and the car is driving, dash lights up the PRNDS.

Accompanied by vcds errors:

Could be a gunked up switch as was mentioned in earlier posts. A few presses loosens it up and gets it going again.

Had mine do this after battery has gone flat and jumpstart the car. Full charge in battery resolves the issue for me.

If you have vcds there is a block you can monitor the output of the switch with.


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Thanks for the reply, if it happens again I'll check the switch, just strange how it happens only in winter.