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Price for A3 8P Sportback Towbar 7 pin Electric Kit

Avus Sportback Apr 18, 2011

  1. Avus Sportback

    Avus Sportback Member

    Hi Dave,

    Im having a nightmare fitting my towbar on my Sportback and need your help for part numbers and prices.

    I have a detachable Audi towbar fitted and need a 7 pin electric kit. I did buy one and fitted it but found out at the last minute that the kit was not for my model as I dont have the brake switch at the pedal, the kit I have is ZGB 8P0 055 203 B.

    I have a feeling you are going to say Audi no longer sell the 7 pin kits and have standardised with the 13 pin but, is 8L0 055 203 A the correct 7 pin Kit for my 57 plate Sportback Reg - AT57ONS. Can you tell me if the kit is still available and the price please. If they are not available is there any way I can get a wiring schematic for this loom so I can figure out where the wires on the loom I have need to go so I can adapt this loom. As i said earlier its just the 4 wires for the brake switch that i need to connect somewhere

    Also a price for the 4 x LED rear lights.

    Thanks in Advance

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  3. stoke_audi

    stoke_audi Active Member

    Hi John

    i think i have sent you a reply via email


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