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A3 170TDI S-Line
S3 8P
Cayman S (looking at the moment)


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Last: Fiat Coupe 20VT (300bhp) & Audi A3 2.0TDi
Current: S3 (8P)
Next: Elise/S2000/VX220 (but probably in addition to the S3 :) !)


Born to Fish


A3 TFSI Sline with SE Suspension


S3-less untill December
mk5 R32
Awaiting Facelift S3
GTR skyline or gt3 RS

Great taste paulmc

S3 Big Andy

Stealth Beast Baby Yay
Vectra VXR

S3 8P (read my sig)

RS 8
last: A3 3.2
current: S3 8P
next: something i didn't have the guts to buy this time :- 360 probably; and something practical.


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3.2 Sportback s-line

S3 8P

RS4 saloon


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Golf GT TDi 140ps remapped

A3 Sline TDi S tronic 140ps remapped

SOmething fun possibly a Focus ST


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a4 b6 tdi 130

a4 b6 18t cab

b7 rs4 if they keep coming down in price or a5 tdi

im with bowfer, the passion for the car isnt as great as the bike 180bhp at rear wheel.


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A3 2.0 TDI - loved it

S3 facelift - loving it

Fantasising about: new skyline GTR, new S4 or new RS4 if/when it comes out


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Previous: Astra SRI 1.8

Current: 8L S3

Next: One of the following - 8P S3, BMW 123d, Golf GTI LD30, Scirroco, possibly new focus Rs - see whats about


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As I said, you're probably right.
I'm willing to get up at 6am to enjoy a fast ride on the bike.
I'm not willing to do that for a drive in a car.
I've answered my own question there, really.
Bikes are worth the effort, cars aren't.
IMO, of course.

Now that depends on which car!!!

I have to admit, i don't drive mine as often as i used to but i still love it when i do and thats 4 years into owning it!

Dying to get an S3 to play in though!

You're right, the roads can be mayhem but i find if you chose the right route its not too bad and its fun overtaking the odd vehicle!


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Prev - BMW 320i SE 2006 Auto
Now - Audi A3 2.0 Tdi 170 S-Line Sportback 2007
Next - Mmmm not sure S3 Sportback, RS4 RS5


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You're probably right.
I've seen people mention they've done it before, I never understand why.
No need to pity me though, I have a motorbike.
Now that's an excuse for a pointless journey!:beerchug: ???

I didn't think I would see the name 'bowfer' again? :whistle2:

Anyway, back on topic
Last: Fiat Bravo HGT and Husaberg FS650E
Current: S3 and a Skoda Octavia TDi
Future: Haven't got a clue...


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Took a while for the baby to put the toys back in the pram eh :whistle2:

I'm very selective now.
I avoid the infantile mod'ing threadzzzzzzzzzzzzz:lazy:

Which automatically cuts my options down by about 90%, actually.


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Last: Mk4 astra gsi
Current: A3 8p 170 s-line quattro
Future: Audi something or other


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Last: A3 2.0T S-Line Special Edition

Current: S3 8P

Next: Hmmm, Would Love an RS4, M5, Skyline GTR or perhaps an Evo X.

Sitting here wondering what i'm doing wrong with people buying Lambo's and GT3's for their next cars! Must be people with a lot of good jobs!


It would appear I'm in good company, L60N, as there are evidently plenty on here that want passers-by to assume they're ***** too...

I'm off though, the website's being deleted from my favourites list.
Sick to the back teeth of modding threadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

T'ra, have a chavtaaaaastic time.:icon_thumright:

So you put the toys back then??

P.S. Sony make teh BESTEST LCD's ;)


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P.S. Sony make teh BESTEST LCD's ;)

I'd buy one.
But I'd fit different buttons, get the stand lowered and tint the screen.


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Prev - 2000 Polo GTi
Now - 2004 Audi A3 3.2 DSG and 2000 TVR Tuscan 4.0 Speedsix
Next - TVR Sagaris plus somthing for the daily drive


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My reply is very easy...

What car did you have last: Audi A3 2.0TDI-140 SE DSG
What car have you now: Audi A3 2.0TDI-170 SE S-tronic
What car is next? Audi A3 2.0TDI-170 SE S-tronic

I agree with others who have said about the roads getting so crowded. Fortunately, as I'm retired I do get to drive at times when a lot of other people are at work. Also I usually get to drive on the continent for 3-4 weeks each year where the roads seem to be at lot less crowded as I still enjoy driving very much indeed.

To me the A3 fits my bill exactly, espesially with the S-tronic and 170bhp is about as much power as I can use and gives a reasonable compromise between power and fuel economy. I just hope Audi don't ruin it when they bring out the new one in 2011.


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Prev:- TT 1.8
Now:- A3 Cab
Next:- not sure if the A1 is out of concept yet but i would have a look at that?


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Previous: 8L S3 fairly well modified.

Now: 996 C4S with a few options. (Still got my Mk3 Golf GTI 16v Anniversary and a Fabia vRS SE as a daily driver too)

Next: No idea. The 997 (even in PDK form) isn't good enough to make me find the cash to change, and there is little else I would see as a move 'up'. I do fancy a GTR though. Or the Cayman GT/Clubsport if it ever goes ahead.
In all honesty, I'll probably change the Fabia to something a bit more flash....maybe a Scirocco TDI?

Or re-scratch the motorbike itch that's been there since 2001 when I sold my Fireblade.


S3 (8P)
Now: 996 C4S with a few options. (Still got my Mk3 Golf GTI 16v

Drove one of these a few times.
Brilliant, and nicer looking front end than the 997.

Possible `next car ` for me :icon_thumright:


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Drove one of these a few times.
Brilliant, and nicer looking front end than the 997.

Possible `next car ` for me :icon_thumright:

I prefer them to drive..a bit more raw than the 997, but not as olde-worlde as the 993.
They are down at silly money now...£40k gets you a late, immaculate, high spec C4S with change...and even turbos can be had as low as £35k for the earlier cars.

Mine has been cheaper to run than my S3 too. Perfect.


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Previous: Golf Mk4 Autograph Edt
Now: A3 Tdi Sine DSg
Next: Golf GTI/R32 Mk6, Maybe a S3 or Evo 8 MR FQ?