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Pressed Plates Now Available from DTUK

Juicy Jen Apr 11, 2012

  1. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor

    We are now able to offer Legal Pressed Plates via Europl8 via Diesel Tuning UK Ltd

    £35 including postage


    We are pleased to announce, our UK spec 3D Embossed License Plates have passed the relevant BSAU 145d testing and are 100% legal for use on the public highway. All legal plates will have a BSAU 145d mark and the sellers mark laser etched onto them, therefore it will have Diesel Tuning UK Ltd DH9 9UU in small font at the bottom.

    These plates are available either blank; with the GB badge or Scottish badge on the left handside.




    We are fully registered with the DVLA to offer this service to customers. If you wish to purchase please email me at the below address.

    What do I need to get a plate made up?

    We as the number plate supplier will need to see the following documents which will enable us to confirm your name, address and entitlement to the registration number. We require the below documents to be emailed over to us (there are other options but these keep things simple for us) on
    plates@diesel-performance.co.uk :
    • Driving license
    • Vehicle registration certificate V5
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are they really road legal?

    They are indeed. Europl8 spent a large amount of money on the testing and modifications to the European plate in order to get it road legal. It took 8 long months and many grey hairs.

    Are the letters and number really 3D Embossed, and how do you make them?

    Yes they are 3D embossed, without going into great detail, the blank plate is placed between a male and a female dye, the press is then lowered and the plate is pushed into the female dyes, thus raising the digits above the plate. We then take the plate and run it through a machine that places the black onto anything that is raised ( the digits and the plate lip.) Jobs done.

    What is the quality like?

    Fantastic. We have imported German machines and had UK spec dyes made from Germanys top plate/dye manufacturers. The plates are single layer just like the European style. WE DO NOT USE CHEAP PRODUCTS.

    Are they reflective? Are they Metal/Alloy, Will they rust?

    Yes, Yes & No. (in that order).

    What is the delivery time?

    24-72 hrs. Most orders go out with this time frame, during busy times/holidays etc, this might be a little longer.

    Can you alter a letter or the spacing?

    No, we can't. Doing this will make the plate illegal and we can be finned £2500 and have the machinery taken from us, so please do not ask.

    I've given you the wrong registration number, can I changed it?

    Because we try to make the plates as fast as possible, there might be a chance that they have already been made. We will check the production line, if they have been made, they will carry on to the end of production and posted to you, even if they have been made with the incorrect details you have provided. If we have been notified in time, we shall exchange the details. The plate order will be treated as a new order, hence the delivery time will be later. Please note, we do not monitor emails 24/7. We can not be held responsibly for your mistakes.

    I have made a mistake on my details, will you do another pair for free?

    NO. If we make a mistake we do not ask you to contribute to the cost of remaking the items, so if its your mistake, please don't ask us to do the same.

    You have put the wrong registration on?

    If it is our mistake, we will remake the plate free of charge. We will check all correspondence from yourself, and will require a digital photo of the said plate, before replacing.
    How do I fit them?

    If you are fixing them with screws, place the old plate over the top of the new plate and drill through the existing holes. If you are using plate frames, screw the frames to your car and then open the frames with the special key, place in the plates and close the frame. ( Keep the key in a safe place.) Sticky pads, make sure you use plenty. Velcro.

    From 1st November 2008 it is against the law to supply show plates to UK customers which contain a UK registration number. So we have withdrawn this option, therefore please do not ask for these.


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