Pre-FL RS3 vs FL RS3


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Really having a tough time deciding which RS3 I prefer. I am coming from a S3 8V, just bought before the RS3 came out and still kind of regret not waiting a month longer...

I am keeping a close eye out on forums and videos of the FL RS3 and one thing what concerns me the most is the exhaust pops and bangs being gone.. On the other hand coming from from a pre-FL S3, the FL RS3 would give me more the feeling of having an upgrade/new car with things like the Virtual Cockpit, new steer wheel and slight adjusted exterior.

My question; would it possible to program/tune those pops and bangs from the pre-fl RS3 into the FL RS3?


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Just watched a couple of RS3 Sedan/Saloon vids and definitely heard crackles on downshift.

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