Pre facelift A3 to facelift S3


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Hi all, new to the forum and Audis. My dad has only ever owned Audis and I've just bought myself a 2005 A3 sportback after selling my Astra VXR.

I'm looking to replicate the outside of mine to look like the facelift S3 sportback and want to find out everything I'm going to need. Don't worry, I won't be badging it up as an S3, just I think they look awesome.



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When you say pre facelift A3 to facelift A3, do you mean 8P2 A3 (Single Grill) to 8P3 S3 (2009 onwards)?

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Loads of dosh is what you'll need. As well as bumper,wings,bonnet,headlights,wing mirrors,fittings and fixtures, and probably a few more things I haven't thought of. Good luck.


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its fairly costly mine is already on the 2500 pound mark and thats just changing to an S3 8P front bumper BE grill and an 8P3 rear bumper and diffuser for my 8P2.. still need to get them painted and get the sideskirts which are a pain to source other then the dealers which are atleast 500 pounds for a set.. be ready to wast time and cash on it.. but at the end of it youll fall in love with the car all over again :)