Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car


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I fell sorry for what happened, but I have to say that you have great skill at the ring and the car handle awesome!

May be a not a good time for the question, but would mind in thell me what coil over you use and what are you suspension set up (camber, caster and toe in?)

S3 Andy

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it's one of those things Westy, the quicker it's fixed the quicker I'll be happy, so it's being fixed asap, and it has to be better than before the crash :)

The door isn't the right colour though, it's just filthy! Ming blue door sadly :(

Anyone got an S3 front bumper going cheap? Condition not too important so long as it's not cracked / ripped???

think ADAC might have a spare one in same colour as yours... might be cracked tho :footy:


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I have a new worry.....

And it's all Dad fault. And his Dad, and his Dad before that! We're both 6'+, but we seem to have long bodies and shorter legs.

Seat has arrived:


And it's like brand new, but the head restraint is around my chin!

I'm yet to get it in the car to test it for the driving position, but I'm a little concerned that it'll be too restrictive on my shoulders.

i was worried about fitting in the seat base because I'm a sizeable fellow, but my backside fits like a glove. it's my broad shoulders that seem tight in the top, but I've not yet removed the foam, so that might give me a few more mm.

Will fit it in the car this evening and see how it feels.

Absolutely beautiful seat, but potentially no good if I can't lift my arms up to the wheel!

I wonder if this is why many top end seats with head protection have a single protrusion like the Revenge, rather than the wide sweeping head restraint on the Revolution.

I think I need to Sit in Andys Revenge to see if I can move my shoulders.

wild willy

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What an adventure, good to hear your in one piece and the car is on the mend.
The manifold held up well i assume which was a good test also did the meth do the business for you.


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Manifold held up just fine, no cracks yet, and the WMI seemed to be doing it's job as she was still pulling strong to the top of the big Climb to the Karousell with no heat soak at all. Engine wise, the car has been awesome, it's just the driver that let it down!

Test fitted the Revolution tonight, and I'm not sure about it....

It feels great, and SUPER comfy in the car. I thought it'd really restrict my arms, but it doesn't seem to. it does fit very tightly on the edges of my shoulders though, holding me in like nothing I've tried before.

I can't work out if it's too tight, or if I'm just being supported more than any other seat I've tried before. Without trying some others, it's hard to say.

S3 Andy

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Manifold held up just fine, no cracks yet, and the WMI seemed to be doing it's job as she was still pulling strong to the top of the big Climb to the Karousell with no heat soak at all. Engine wise, the car has been awesome, it's just the driver that let it down!

Test fitted the Revolution tonight, and I'm not sure about it....

It feels great, and SUPER comfy in the car. I thought it'd really restrict my arms, but it doesn't seem to. it does fit very tightly on the edges of my shoulders though, holding me in like nothing I've tried before.

I can't work out if it's too tight, or if I'm just being supported more than any other seat I've tried before. Without trying some others, it's hard to say.

Always found bucket seats feel too small when you're thinking about it and testing seating position while stationary. I'd hold off spending more money till you've driven while sat in it. Looks quality too.


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Cheers Andy,

Test fitted the new seat in the car:


To my surprise, it doesn't seem restrictive at all when it's in the car, I think I was wrongly estimating the steering wheel position when holding my arms up sat in the seat in my office.

It supports me on my shoulders like no other seat I've sat in before, and will stop me moving about a LOT more than anything else I've tried, so my current thoughts are just that it feels strange because it's different.

A bit like the first time you wear a 6pt harness, it's support where previously there has been none.

Need to re-drill holes for the side mounts as the GT width seat is 30mm wider so my current holes are no use.

I'll do that, and take it for a drive and see how it feels, then make a decision


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Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad you and your dad are ok and that the cars on the mend. With regard to the S3 bumper have you thought about buying an S3 for the bumper given how cheap they are these days and then breaking the S3 and making your money back and also pick up some spares for the A3 i.e. wishbones, hubs. You can pick them up for just over £2k Audi : 1999 Silver Audi S3 Full Spec sell the interior, wheels, front wings, doors, boot, bonnet and engine, gearbox, haldex and you'll probably make some money.


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The parts collecting has begun!

So far, I've got two sets of R32 / TT wishbones and hubs, one to throw on right now to get the car going again, and one set of early TT wishbones with the rare 30mm bushes (the type that defcon inserts recreate!), which I'll poly bush and paint up in time.

I've got a TT convertible subframe with the extra brace, although it just looks like the S3 lower brace to me. Still, happy days.

I've got a pair of new driveshafts, the CV has popped on mine on the damaged side so I'd rather replace the whole lot.

Suspension is in hand, with help from Ben at Parsons Performance, but that won't be sorted for a few weeks yet. No hurry.

Now for the slightly more interest bit!

After scouring the world (internet) for new seats, I was none the wiser. Those who've met me will know that I'm reasonably sizeable, to put it politely, at 6'2'' and 17 1/2 stone, I'd make a crap jockey!

This left me with a problem finding a seat that fitted me well.

I tried the Revolution, but decided in the end that it was just too tight for me, and not tall enough.

Browsing Demon Tweeks, Dad came across the Cobra Sebring Pro GT, which looked very promising indeed. After a few phone calls and e-mails I wasn't sure if it would fit me well, so decided to drop a line to Cobra direct.

To my surprise, they invited me up to the factory to have a custom seat fitted for me, as we were buying a pair, Dad decided to come up as well and have a seat fitted for him too.

So, today arrived, and Dad and I both made the 250 mile journey, from opposite corners of the south coast, up to Telford, Cobra HQ.

There we met Mark, MD of Cobra Seats, who showed us the pair of Sebring Pro GT's which he had made specially for us in 'Pro-Fit', a new style not currently available through the retailers!

My first glimpse of our new seats:


Pro fit is a new customisable seat system from Cobra, unifying their entire range of seats to use the same cushions, base, back, and leg, available in a number of different thicknesses to tailor the seat to the individual.

On top of this, based on several conversations about mine and Dads size / shape, Mark had tailored the fit out of the seat shell for us too, Using a thinner, yet higher density padding in the base area to lower us in the seat, and also from around the kidney and shoulder area to give maximum room for my very broad shoulders and back. This kind of customisation would never be possible if the seats were bought from a retailer, so it was well worth the trip.

So, we spent about 30 minutes each going through all the various seat base/back/leg cushion combinations to find a set up that suited each of us. Mark was absolutely great and knew exactly what we'd each need to be comfortable and safe. Dad is slightly shorter than I am, so had ended up with a thicker back cushion to move him forward 25mm, as well as a different combination of base cushions. We also got a set of Cobra Pro-spec 4mm steel side mounts, to replace my bent sparco ones. the difference in contruction is substantial, I can't see these failling any time soon.

After all the fitting, Mark decided to give us all the other option cushions as well! Just incase we wanted to tweak the driving position further when they were installed, or fit larger cushions in the base on a trackday when taking out normal size passengers. The service we recieved was absolutely first class, and we even had a tour of the whole factory and saw it all being made. Very cool indeed.

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of any of this, so my rambling will have to make do I'm afraid

So, with that done, I set off on the 250 mile journey back to work, to start a shift at 9pm :( Rubbish.

I dropped the kit off at home, and had one quick chance for a picture of all the new kit waiting for find it's way onto the car:


Seats, side mounts, Strut brace, forged rods, and some Eibach eccentric top mounts I've decided to try out as well, which should add some negative camber, and a little more caster too.

Just need to find time to fit it all now!


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Always Jason :) No point in rebuilding it to be 'as good' as it was before. Better is the only option! and with all these changes, I think it's going to be a LOT better :)


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Nice work mate. I'm guessing a service like that from cobra comes at a fairly hefty price?


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Nice work mate. I'm guessing a service like that from cobra comes at a fairly hefty price?

I believe he actually got a better deal than just buying the seats off the shelf from a retailer.


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New Beam, new subframe, new wishbones, new hubs, new track rods and ends, new driveshaft, Bumper from Reesy, few other bits and bobs, new seats, and it's as good as new, apart from the obvious visual!

Had the alignment done today, all came up spot on, back end is straight and true, front end is spot on also.

Onwards and upwards from here :)


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Glad to see it back on the road mate, those seats are boxer wetting tackle haha.

Whats the subframe like compared to a s3 nick? Are they same? Beem trying to get pictures of them side by side but not been successful lol.


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Same actual subframe yes Dani

The S3 / TT one has an extra brace, but that's just bolt on, and the bushes are different, but they just press in. the frame itself is the same, with everything that hangs off it being different.


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good work there prawny getting back ready to go so fast


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Loving the Ming blue door and denim blue bumper :)

I'm still amazed at how this car survived such an ordeal. Great work as always mate. Keep it up :thumbsup:

bigal 1

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Iv got a red rear bumper in the barn, I will dig it out for Goodwood.:laugh:

The survival of the car is mainly due to build quality and a B G cage installed properly. As we know the seats let Nicholas down, so from now on its no compromising on safety. These seats are the business. Mark the MD of Cobra said there was no value in going for carbon or kevlar because the fibreglass ones were the standard for FIA. These are the ones now used in BTCC but in carbon to save only half a kilo.

This sounds like an ad I know, but when the construction of the seat was explained it was very complex in the way they used different kinds if glass fibre to absorb different loads and impacts. Very impressive. My first test of them will be Goodwood cant wait.


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right, mini update:

I came home on THursday between shifts to make a start on the car, which was looking very sorry for itself on the driveway:


First off I dropped the bent subframe out:


Used the impact gun and loads of extensions to get the driveshaft out, made life SO easy!


New subframe stripped down ready to be built up:


034 Solid bushes moved across:


R32 / late S3 wishbone on the left, Early S3/TT 30mm wishbone on the right:


Close up to show the size of bushes:


Have R32 wishbones on there currently, and I'll be building up the 30mm ones with super pro bushes in time

It's really odd having no subframe on the car, the engine and brakes and stuff just kind of hang there over nothing. Most odd.


My calipers REALLY need a refurb I know, I need to look into brake cooling soon, as my brakes are getting so hot it's discolouring the calipers

I lifted the subframe into place, and all the bolts went in perfetly. This really made my day, as that was my last worry, offering a new subframe up and finding the chassis wasn't straight any more to accept the new frame.

With the new frame on and everything bolted up, I test fitted the blue bumper I got from Reesy:


Everything fitted just fine and lined up, so that's more good news. Back to work for 2 shifts, then home again Friday morning

I whipped off the two S3 wheels it was still wearing, to refit the road wheels.

Sadly, one of my rear A048's has scrubbed really badly on the trip home, and also overheated like crazy from the rear geo being so far out!


Never seen a tyre get this hot before!


So, with the tyres swapped over, I set about transfering my lower valance onto Reesys bumper, he did give me a lower valance with it, but there is so much cut out of mine for the FMIC I thought it best to re-use it. Amazingly it survived despite the bumper being smashed to bits.


Before I could go and get the tracking done, I needed to get a seat in the car to drive it.

I test fitted the new Sebring GT in the car, and my god it's wide! physically it's a much bigger seat than the ones that came out, but it does fit, just!



I found that with the ultra low 'pro spec' side mounts Cobra had given us, the seat was too upright on my seat rails. I left it like it was to go for tracking, but it needed sorting.

All back together, ready to go off for tracking:


On the ramps at Pro Tyre, and everything was spot on. Had the tracking set to 2mm toe out, and the rest checked. Thankfully, the rear alignment checked out nicely, with everything well inside factory specs. Happy days!




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With the tracking done, I took it for a drive. Feels so nice to be back out in it again, it's driving absolutely perfectly, and everything feels spot on. I couldn't be happier knowing that it's all OK :) she lives to fight another day! (or barrier?)

Looking a bit bruised, but it's back!




Started today by looking at my steering wheel closely, I'd noticed that it had a bend on each spoke that I didn't remember before.


On inspection, the wheel has bent on all 3 spokes, right through the middle of the biggest hole. Comparing it to my old wheel it's pulled back from the boss by about 10mm, and when you handle it, the top half of the rim has gone REALLY flexy, as if it's fractured inside. Not cool! I was sold this as a genuine wheel, and it was bought by the previous owner as gen, but clearly it's a fake!

I checked with Mark at Cobra about modifying the seat side mounts, and he said it wouldn't be a problem to drill another hole in the sidemounts to alter the angle of the seats, so I set about stripping the seats down to get access to teh bolt holes, to put a drill bit through and mark the side mounts for a new hole.


New hole done, seat angle much better now, and also the extra rake has made it MUCH easier to get into the car also



Visibility isn't as good obviously, but these feel SO safe, and are ultra comfy, holding me better than any seat I've ever tried before. very happy with them all in.

This evening Dad ordered a 14'' panoramic rear view mirror to help see what's around us, and tomorrow I'm ordering an Apex quick release steering boss and a flat wheel of some sort.

Roll on Goodwood next weekend :)

bigal 1

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I've changed my mind regarding the panoramic rear view mirror.:eyebrows: After seeing those wings on the seats, I think a TV screen and a rear view camera would be more in order.


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Thanks again for helping the MKIV boys out. Looks like you've achieved instant legend Statius over there!

No worries man, happy to help out, lots of confusion over there, and talk of having to swap to LCR inlets and all sorts of crap.

It's funny how some forums are more / less advanced than others isn't it?

Trends move in massive forum groups it seems, like FMIC, as you have demonstrated, there is an ASN Wellycooler, and an SCN interpretation of the wellycooler as well, which lets face it, isn't as good!

It's amazing how ASN has moved forward in terms of information innovation in the past year or so, with S3's getting cheaper, and more people experimenting, I often see ASN stickies linked to other forums as good references :)


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So, todays update!

My new steering wheel arrived yesterday, So I came home today after my shift and got on with things.

Old bent fake OMP wheel:


Quick measure up to get a reference for how the flat wheel alters position:


Old wheel off:


And the shiney new OMP Targa 330:


At £140 for a wheel, you'd expect to get some ****** bolts with it woudln't you? But no, so a trip to the bolt shop was needed.

Horn wired up, and fixed part of the removable boss bolted up to stay:


Removable section clipped into place:


And new wheel on:





Feels perfect with the seats in the new location now, I hadn't realised but my old wheel was actually 350mm, despite being sold as 330! For some bizzare reason I never actualy measured it up. Glad I didn't go for a 300mm wheel, the 330 is nice, but smaller would be bad news I think!

WIth that done, I refitted my 32mm neuspeed rear ARB, setting it to medium this time, was on full hard when I crashed :( No pics as it was under the car and dirty - couldn't be bothered.

With plenty of time left, the ******* blue bumper was staring at me, and I couldn't take it any longer, so off it came!

Gave it a quick rub down:


Then a few coats of satin black, just to stop it standing out quite so much




Then I took it for a test drive and it broke down :)

Suspected intermittent crank sensor issue I think, although I've left my VAGCOM lead at work, much to my disgust after a 20 minute walk home to get it!

Got a lift back to the car, and it started again just fine, turned it off, and it wouldn't restart for a further 10 minutes. I have a dodgy plug on my crank sensor anyway, and it's the original 215k unit, so I'll swap that out before I next use the car.

On a side note, I was thoroughly pleased to find this Picture on Frenchmans new website / FB page for his business:


What an epic shot!!!!

If anyone in the southwest is looking for a top notch photographer, for weddings, events, car shows, trackdays, and just about anything else you can think of, then check out Pierre Mellows | Facebook


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Prawn, I had the exact same issue with my camshaft sensor last week. The car wouldn't start, then would, then wouldn't again. I had a spare sensor from my AEB head so I swapped them over and it's not missed a beat since. What error code(s) are you getting?


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Cheers Westicles! I've got spares of everything on my other AGU lump at home, so i think I'll scan it tonight and see what the score is. if it doesn't come up with any codes I might swap out the cam sensor and crank sensor to be safe.


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Thanks for that Bud, I missed that one first time around.

Hopefully it'll just be a cam sensor or something for me, was running absolutely fine, then just died on me. 20 mins later it started fine, then wouldn't start again, but no restarts every time. argh.

Got my vagcom lead in the car now, so will scan tonight and go from there.

|Goodwood on Sat :)


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good work prawny

same harness's?

They are currently Bill yea. I was a bit unsure about those?

The impact we had was backwards, the seats moved back and the harnesses went slack, so I don't think they've been stressed at all. I've certainly had a thorough look over them and they don't show any signs of stress what so ever.

I know in an ideal situation you'd replace them also. it's all money though :(