Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car


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S3 Rav

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Saw the car on YouTube prawn! Car goes amazing!
Hi Nick, did you get round to fitting the SEM manifold and VR throttlebody. Was wondering how you got on with results.... toying with the idea of upgrading to the G25-660 next year.... that or the G25-550 haven’t decided yet. Don’t know if your familiar with my S3. I bagged a lot of Tufftys stuff, currently running Bills K04 Hybrid.
@S3AMJ not sure how often Nick is on here now. Seems very quiet this forum the last 6-9 months. I've saw his YouTube blog and I do believe that he has the sem manifold on and the car is running 520bhp.
Look up his channel teamprawnracing.
Hope he will come back on here with stuff.