power windows and sunroof inoperable


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Hi, I own a 1995 audi A6. For the last week the windows and sunroof would stop working and approx 10min afterwards would work again. This happened constantly all day long. Now niether work and there is no load on the battery gauge when trying to open windows or sunroof. All the fuses under the hood near the firewall seem to be ok, and the general fuses in the car seem ok. I cannot locate a fuse or relay that controls both. I thinks its a relay because before this problem it worked then stopped then corrected itself. Is there a fusible link, relay or something that isnt in the firewall fuse box or in the car fuse box? Thanks


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I think the sunroof relay is located under the hood/bonnet.
If you don't find it there, there are other relays behind the lower dash covers in the footwells. could also be the ECU that controls the windows/sunroof.


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Hi the same relay is used for both windows and sunroof it is located in footwell looks like double relay if you take the cover off the relay you will find a broken solder joint which once resoldered will work perfectly saving £80 K


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Hi all,
yes indeed a dry solderjoint on the relay did the job,
the relay has number 363 on it, it rained a lot last night, so while my seat was getting wet, I browsed this forum, thanks for the advice,
I now have working windows!