Power to boot / install power socket

Kiwi Kranker

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Just after a little help here...

Has anyone fitted a power socket to the boot of their A4 saloon? I am trying to figure out where I can take the power from, which I have concluded needs to be from the fuse box but are the empty spots on the fuse box powered up? (Couldnt find my test light to save myself) Assuming I can find one for about 30amps that is free of course.

Would be handy if there was already a supply in the boot I could tap into of course.

Anybody have any suggestions/guidance?


scott b

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have a look behind the right hand side panel where the socket usealt is as the wires/plug might be there, i know on some other models and VAG models it is,

for a live feed, theres a couple of options, find an empty fuse slot that has a high output and insert a male splade into it with an inline fuse holder, then run your wire to the back of the car

or remove the drivers side lower dash trim, then look up to the right and you will see a bus bar that has 3 nuts with live wires going to it, ring terminal and inline fuse holder. this is where i took the power for the amp for the extra subs in my boot.

the advantage with the splade in the fuse box is that its easier to change to ignition live if you have a cool box in the boot.

Kiwi Kranker

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Thanks for that.

Was there actually an option to have a socket mounted in the boot for the saloon? That would make life easy if it was all set up. Must check this weekend.


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i think it was fitted as part of the optional luggage pack