Power steering

No choice I'm afraid as it's a dealer only part. I had the power steering hoses replaced earlier in the year - ended up costing best part of £500 including fitting.

I suppose you could try in scrappers, but you're going to be getting an 8+ year old part and there is no guarantee that won't be ready to perish too.

Tony gold

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Got someone to come round and have a look today, he thinks his mate should be able to make some up as he deals with hydrolics.
Fingers crossed
Good luck!


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You could always take the old hoses to a hose manufacturer and have a new set made up, I did this many years with an Audi 2.2 Coupe quattro and it was loads cheaper than Audi wanted and just a good if not better. At the end of the day it's a pressure hose and as long as they use the right spec or better hose and stainless fittings its gonna be as good.

Tony gold

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Had some bad news today,they carnt make the hoses etc up as the bends are to tight on the stainless bits

danger S3

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i have to replace a power steering cooler pipe that runs along the front of the car as its been rubbing on the drain for the radiator.

does anyone know if all the steering fluid will drain out or not and also how much steering fluid is needed to re fill the system?

cooling the steering fluid, how excessive but pretty cool ;)