Power steering ploblems..


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Oct 3, 2004
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I bought an S3 couple months ago and about a week later one of the power steering pipes split and all the oil came out, got the pipe replaced then a week later the power steering was not workin properly, the steering would go heavy but if i reved the car then the steering would go lighter again and make noises? so got the pump changed and steering was ok, but now you can hear the pump all the time? like it is running dry or somthing? im sure it was not like this when i bought it? then a week later the pump started making some loudish noises when turning specially on stand still and would happen at low speeds somtimes, so the mechanic said the new pump was faulty so got it replaced but now the same things happening again with the second new pump went back to the mechanic and he is saying the rack might need replacing? there dont seem to be any oil leaking? My mate has got an S3 awell and you cant hear his pump and his steering is lighter?
Any ideas as dont know what to do now? does any one know any good mechanic arounds the bedfordshire area? maybe somthing was not fitted properly i duno??