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Power Steering Cooler Pipe Replacement

Ian W Jan 11, 2021

  1. Ian W

    Ian W Registered User

    Has anybody used an aftermarket power steering pipe?

    Mine appears to have sprung a leak so i'm looking to replace asap.

    I can see non genuine brand new items available. Is a piece of pipe work much better if it comes in a VAG group bag? :whistle2:
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  3. Brad1011

    Brad1011 Registered User

    What’s the prices coming out like ? I see parrot bro’s has just changed his as his split but said they are £300 new ? So he got another in decent nick of a breaker for a lot cheaper

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  4. Ian W

    Ian W Registered User

    Pattern is £60, genuine £105. Either way, at the moment I am making an assumption on what bit is leaking on prior experience but I really need to confirm before I buy.

    It's in a local indy on Wednesday for some unrelated work, I'm sure they'll pick up on it and confirm what is wrong when power steering fluid is dripping away

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