Power boot + sound & comfort pack


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I know this was mentioned in another thread, but I thought I would call this out on its own.

I have specced Comfort & Sound pack (which includes Convenience key)

With the car locked and my key in my pocket I can open the boot with a swift foot movement under the rear bumper.

So the convenience Key from this pack gives you the same features as the "Advanced key with electric hands-free boot opening system" option.


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Are you sure it does give you the foot thing because the way I read it just gives handsfree door unlocking. Quote "Convenience key. Access and authorisation through automatic data exchange exchange between the key and vehicle, allowing the driver to keep their key in their pocket or bag at all times." No mention of the advanced key with electric hands free boot opening system..


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100% sure

I had plenty of fun demo-ing it to the other half..a quick "kick in and out" and the boot opens
Car was locked
Key in pocket