Potentially buying an A5 / A5 S-Line


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Hey guys :)

Looking at buying an A5 if the job im applying for goes well. I currently own a 2004 Nissan 350z GT, and decided i wanted a bit of a change. Theres a few things im looking for in the new car, that i dont have in the 350z.

One is comfort. Every tic tac or dead spider on the road seems to act like a speedbump for the zed. I didn't mind it at first, but now it just makes the drive not as fun when your trying to relax. I know the S-line has a different suspension to the a5, is there much of a difference? And what is it like for comfort?

The second is mpg. I know the cars we all look for are not the high mpg, not me anyway. But im currently averaging 24mpg on a normal drive, and 18mpg on a "spirited" drive. Been looking at either the 1.8T , 2.0T or the 2.0TDI. Looking at stats on autotrader doesnt really give a true score of mpg. So what are the averages?

Along with mpg, i want a bit of speed aswell. Going from the 350z, i couldnt drive a 10second 0-60 car. Have any of you moved from a sportier car, and how does it feel after the few weeks of driving the a5? Im hoping with myself, that its not a noticable change, since im going from a 3.5 N/A to a turbo. Turbo always seems to "feel" faster.

And finally, is there any particular setup i should try and go for? I.e with the 350z, there was the import, the UK and UK GT. UK GT was by far the best, with brembos, bose, leather interior, cruise control etc and was really only 1k difference in price. Does this happen with the a5 aswell?

I have tried to find the answers myself, but again its something you have no idea about unless you recognise particular common features.

Thanks :)