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Potential TTRS owner

jake w Mar 27, 2018

  1. jake w

    jake w New Member

    Hi I'm potentially buying a TTRS when my current car goes and wondering what faults to look for ? It will be manual most probably an early one 2009 -2010. My plan will be to take it to stage 2 with the usual intercooler turbo back exhaust and intake upgrades. Will I need to factor in a clutch as I know from previous experience the 2.0 tfsi require a clutch on anything above stage 1 due to clutch slip.

    Only ever owned performance Volkswagen cars, such as mk4 r32, mk5 gti, scirocco r & edition30 gti dsg. So I'm looking forward to upgrading to an audi. My dad had a few mk1 dsg 3.2s when I was younger and I really loved them.

    Thanks for any advice Jake
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  3. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team V6 Audi RS4

    RS clutch is good for +500 ft2 torque afaik. It is torque that breaks the gearbox etc so just get them to keep it below 500.

    The sound of the 5 pot is :innocent: of course!


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