SQ5 Potential recall?


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I came across this thread yesterday https://www.audiworld.com/forums/q5-sq5-mkii-discussion-218/new-forum-new-sq5-ordered-2948461/
“…there is a stop order on the vehicle. There is an issue with the production run and a recall with the Brakes.”

His car was build week 19 - 2 weeks after ours which still stuck in Emden but I won’t go on about it - and arrived in Canada a couple of day ago.

Anyone else heard anything on this?

Hopefully I’m not just spreading fake news.


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The recall is based around the thickness of the chrome on the calliper pistons where air bubbles can form.
Just a US thing or perhaps the reason for shipping delays from Emden?

Geordie Lee

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Thanks to you have managed to to track the ship to City of Barcelona and ealier in the week I identified that the ship would be leaving Emden on 22/06 to arrive in the Port of Tyne on 23/06 at 07:00. I have received confirmation that my car is on this ship.

I am pleased to say that despite all the concerns and potential recalls identified above these have ‘hopefully’ not impacted my car (could be just a US one).

My SQ5 was built on week 20 and the delays by the other people on this group could therefore be possible other reasons...I doubt I am the lucky one!!!!