potential new B6 member


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hi everyone.
my name is Tom
atm I own a 8L A3 ,but the 3 door hatch s not practical enough any more so I'm looking for a B6 A4 sedan ,or avant
being a petrol head the most appealing option is the 1.8T quattro,unless u guys have some better option for me.
Now to get to the point of this thread.
I don't know a lot about A4's so if u guys can give me some advice what to look for
common faults ,best mods upgrades.. basically some pros and cons with these cars

any advice will help a lot
thanks in advance


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All I can say is that I've had my b6 1.9tdi Quattro Sport for the last 8 years and instead of going to a B7 I'm going to re do the interior and repaint the whole car....that may give you a clue as to how well it's performed since I've had it :icon_thumright:


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Avant all the way... Plenty of space, good performance, great looking, a lot of options to play with if you like DIY jobs.

Problems... So far I haven't seen a car without problems. It's how you deal with them I believe :)


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thanks peposhi
I know there's no car without problems.what I meant was more like what are most common things on these B6 s (stuff thats prone to fail) and yes! I do like to mess around the car (DIY)
and have a few more ?s.
I had quick look at faq/stickies. but no answers really
any remap options ,brake upgrades,intercoolers etc...? or anything similar that could interest me?
also looks wise :
how far can i go with alloys /where's the limit 19,20 inches?
Recommendation for coilovers,exhaust options...


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1.8t b6 have sludge issues which can be sorted with a new pick up pipe and a clean up ofmthe sump! If left un sorted. Can casue major mechanical issues (engine starved of oil)!
Exhaust options you have miltek, remus, blueflame, custom etcc
remaps are everywhere most known being revo tecknik, apr or shark!
plenty of coilovers on market if i could do ot again i would go with kw variants, but dgr...weitec...d2...raceland....fk... The list goes on
wouldnt go anymore than 19 on the wheel front but i stick with 18's as i like how the car handles on them
plenty of brake upgrades i am looking into this atm as thinking tomgo woth the porsche cayenne setup, but if money was no question i would go k sport!
depending on the power you are after 230/240bhp is easily acheivable on a 1.8t bex engine with exhaust, intake, high flow cat, tt injectors, intercooler turbo intake pipe and throttle body hose upgrade.
then you can go beyond with t3 turbos and getting silly power as i have fwd i have not ventured down these routes


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There ya go then no brainer if your in for an audi


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Thanks guys for all the answers.
I guess its not so different from the A3 then
Intend to to use the car as a daily so I wont go down the big turbo way or other crazy performance mods
goal is a 200-230 bhp ish daily all around car.
so entry level mods and advanced oem visual mods then for me.


Kev I'll get in touch as soon as I'll have all the money


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another fualt i repaired was the crankcase breather elbow, they go brittle with age and breakup ,i was getting fumes in the car , bought an elbow for £17 and its fine now good to go!
what mileage are you doing? are you after tunability, economy or something in-between...

if not too high, then I'd highly recommend the 1.8T 190 quattro A4 Avant S-Line... if you can find one with factory Xenons and colour DIS too as those are a nightmare to upgrade properly...

if you're doing mega mileage, then the 1.9TDI quattro is great on economy and pretty respectable with a remap

I just got rid of my 2.5 V6 quattro TDI as I needed the boot space and larger back seat (two kids' seats + one adult) - the B6 quattro's only have a lap-belt in the middle :(

That V6 TDI engine has a lovely wide powerband, smooth delivery and is a very easy cruiser, especially with an "economy" remap to 210-220bhp: it's NOT that economical, 35mpg average but not bad for a quattro and over 200bhp...

In summary:
Must haves (personal choice): factory xenons, sport suspension, sports seats (i.e. S-Line/Sport spec)
performance: remap + RARB are good value.
interior: RNS-E (use the newer one from the Seat Exeo!) and a B7 steering wheel bring it right up to date
exterior: silver indicators and LED sidelights