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Pot holes, wheels..

opelfruit Jun 22, 2018

  1. opelfruit

    opelfruit Registered User

    Right, bit of advice if I can.

    I've had my S4 Avant in for a health check at a main dealer recently; took a few potholes over spring (water filled so didn't see them). Enough of a thud for me to check things out when in got home but no damage seen to tyres, wheel faces or suspension. Car drives fine, no pulling, clanking or vibration to speak of.

    Usually drive with the radio on pretty loud so had it off to listen to noise and noticed a vibrating type noise/shudder I guess from the tyres. It goes away over smooth road, doesn't increase with speed or change tone. Tyres are down to 4mm and on 19s so suspect it's tyre noise.

    Anyway. Dealer checked for pothole damage during the check, I suspect they've paid more attention than normal to the wheels which is why this has been picked up.

    All 4 wheels slightly out of round which they "think" may be causing the noise. Rear 2 wheels were the worst. Now my MOT was done in March and I find it hard to believe I've duffed all 4 wheels in the 3 months from March. Also, the 2 potholes I've got were either side but the drivers side was front wheel only as I was turning. I can't see any way that the rears would be worse. I've had the car from 2 years old and had it for the past 4 years. I suspect the rear wheels were don't by the previous owner and moved to the rear at some point. I've never swapped wheels and just can't believe the rears are worse....

    For info. It's radial run out on all 4 and a slight lateral run out on the rears too. Has anyone else had wheel issues on their A4 like this?

    I've had the balancing checked by a trusted local tyre place and they were a little out but nothing that's not to be expected with 3 year old worn tyres. Rebalaced fine. Not air loss or abnormal wear.

    Car passed all MOT previously and Audi say it's safe. Tyre place say they've seen a lot worse too and most 5-6yr old cars have out of round wheels.

    I see my options as;

    2 new wheels. Put in the front and swap the current fronts to the back. Not cheap.

    Ignore it. I'm not getting any noticeable effect on the car. Audi say it's safe and tyres are fine. It may have been like this for years?
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  3. opelfruit

    opelfruit Registered User

    Worth mentioning that the run out is on the inside of the wheel, not the face. I can't see anything just by looking, no bends, dents or buckles, it's only when it's spinning that it's detectable and if you weren't looking at it you wouldn't notice ie wheel bearing checks for listening - if you weren't on the inside of the car looking at the lip it's unlikely to be seen.

    Audi said to just take it in for a winter healthcheck in November and they'll keep an eye on it.
  4. meph137

    meph137 Registered User

    I had a flat spot on one of my 19” rotors and had it straightened at the wheel specialist, it’s not perfectly true but they say it’s pretty ****** close and certainly nothing to worry about. This might be a better bet for you?

    Or something I’ve done before - buy used wheels from a breakers off eBay and ask them beforehand if they are true (they normally state whether they are or not) and then get them refurbed (as they’ll most likely have curb rash). I got a 19” root for about £80 or so as I recall and had the wheel specialist check it, it was perfectly round and just needed a refurb (which the old wheel needed anyway).

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  5. Cerbera9

    Cerbera9 Registered User

    What style of Audi 19" alloy where these as I think some are more susceptible to buckling,bending and cracking than others?
  6. opelfruit

    opelfruit Registered User

    Standard ones that come with the B8.5. 5 spoke and each spoke is split into 3 bits, if you know what I mean.

    Just finding it very very hard to believe I've duffed all 4 since March and hit the rears worse. Surely the fronts would be worse. I can only think the rears were don't years back and swapped over to the back before I had the car. Which if that's the case then they've been like that for around 4 years and I'm not bothered about it :)

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