Post your eBay finds & link your classifieds sales,also WANTED stuff


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This thread is for 8L related stuff, not just any old Audi tat.

As it's a sticky you won't be able to delete your old posts. I am periodically checking the links in this thread and deleting them when the auction has closed.

I don't mind chat related to a post in this thread. Once the item is deleted the chat will be deleted also.

EDIT 16 January

If you have an item for sale in the classifieds please feel free to post a link to it here so 8L owners are aware it's there. Again feel free to chat and posts will be deleted after the sale is completed.


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Ring me
Righty folks.....


Selling my metallic silver powder-coated AGN rocker cover - £120 delivered


Selling my Trackslag charge pipe which has been powder-coated in metallic silver same as my AGN rocker cover. - £200 delivered for the pair or £100 delivered for the charge pipe.


Selling my Forge Motorsport Supersize DV brand new never used - £80 delivered.

PM me with your interests.



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Ring me mate


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Upon further inquiries there is new one available via TPS at £130. pricing for eveything new is going to be a costly affair for me, but really the insurance should not be writing the car off based on what I can see the value of the new parts are. labour is an unknown, but come on not enough to tip it over the value of the car. For insurance purposes I guess 5K.
Ideally it would be nice to find a second hand ming blue rear bumper - complete and then fairly straight forward remove and fit - heck, I might even be able to do it myself!!
carbon fibre insert would look good! It should compliment my chrome strips around the rear lens's and number plate
Bumper removal and refitting is dead easy good luck in your search for the ming blue bumper.

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Still for sale
Hi mate about to start my own 3.2 conversion on my S3, what parts do you have left? I haven't got anything yet trying to find a good donor car for the engine and transmission ect, unless you sill have any of the major bits?

Tj 0785

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A5 mfsw and s3 airbag £300


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Few more items up for sale if anyone is interested. Please pm me on here if you are interested in any of them rather than on eBay.

Here are the eBay links.

AN10 oil catch can and hoses.

Carbon fibre oil catch can.

Audi RSTT 9 spoke 18” Non-Genuine Alloys and tyres.

Custom AGN rocker cover 1

Custom AGN rocker cover 2

Badger5 Wellycooler set up

Cheers All

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All sold guys. Thank you for your interests.

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3.2 BHE engine from my project that I lost interest in turns over by hand but has never had fluids in been fired up ,
3.2 bhe engine and loom
- [x] Forged Rods with arp bolts
- [x] De compression gasket
- [x] New Rocker cover gasket
- [x] New Piston rings
- [x] Oil sump sealent and plug
- [x] new Water pump
- [x] New Oil pump
- [x] new Tensioner kit and replacement bolts
- [x] New oem Chain sprockets and bolts
- [x] new Rod bearing oem r36
- [x] New oem Head bolts
- [x] Oil cooler oem febi
- [x] Super tech Intake+ incolnel exhaust valves
- [x] new acl Main bearings and thrust washers.
- [x] Coolant sensor
- [x] Oil pressure sensor
- [x] N10203803 cam sprocket bolt
- [x] 021115112b oil pump bush tps
- [x] Fluidampr Crankshaft pully
- [x] Crank,rods and pistons balanced
- [x] Oil dipstick
- [x] Crankshaft bolt
- [x] Main cap bolts
- [x] Water pump pulley
- [x] Spark plugs Bosch
- [x]
- [x] millers funning in Engine oil
- [x] Auxiliary belt
- [x] Oil filte
- [x] 3D0 965 561 D additional coolant pump £132.
Located Manchester £1750


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Tj 0785

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19” mtm bimoto alloys £770
Cup holder £50
Brand new nuke performance 1l catch can with the drain kit £150


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Selling this Audi s3 2.0ltr Hybrid turbo conversion kit was bought to go on a 1.8t s3 but never happened due to family matters. work was carried out by Beachbuggy. Message me with any questions thanks.









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For sale, brand new in box:

Integrated Engineering forged rods for use with stock pistons, rifle drilled (19mm wrist pins)

250 USD, I will try to ship for free where ever you are

forged rods.jpg