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Lots still for sale people...happy to accept sensible offers.

APR turbo muffler delete - £70 posted

VWR R600 air intake system - £275 posted

VWR lowering springs - £100 plus postage

Burger Tuning JB4 tuning box with data cable - £325 posted
(JB1 BETA with an upgraded JB4 mother board & additional wiring - JB1 mother board also included)

Maxton Design side skirts (gloss black) - £90 posted

Rieger front splitter (gloss black) - £175 posted


Wing Lun

A3 Sportback
Anyone know where to source/buy these alloys in the UK? These are rare to find! [8V0601025DG]


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Looking for a mint set of the s3 19 inch black optics v spoke alloys for a saloon. Thanks


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ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)

MSSKits Track Adjustable Springs for Sale, including MSS Kits Street Front Springs also.

Supplied by DHAutomotive / MRC Scotland and fitted and removed by QSTuning, what we have here is in short both the MSSKits Track and Street RS3 / S3 8V Solutions in a single package.

As I have a 2017 Audi A3 8V Quattro Saloon I found out very fast that these springs were not correct for my vehicle even though MSS Kits said they were. After further testing with MSS, I was a development car, I ended up removing the springs in favour of another solution as the A3’s weight and stock hight does not “load up” the springs enough to achieve the correct rebound rate etc, perfect for S3 and RS3 vehicles however.

Springs are low mileage with under 1K miles on the Track Fronts, under 5Kmiles on the Street Fronts and Rears. These were removed from my car ages ago and have been sitting in my unit.

x2 front Street Springs
x2 front Track Springs
x2 rear Sports Springs
x2 rear Standard Springs
x2 front adjusters
x2 rear adjusters
x2 rear couplers
x2 rear rubber washers
x2 front socks
x1 adjusting tool (not pictured)

£350.00 including UK insured shipping.

IMG 3538 IMG 3540 IMG 3543 IMG 3542 IMG 3544 IMG 3536
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Hi, looking an outer left led tail light for S3 2016 if anyone can help ?


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Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP
Wanted 16" Gloss black or something similar alloys for my Audi

I am getting my 16" refurbed, but thinking I may try my luck for new ones here.

I know 16" are not common anymore but its what I have and also cannot afford to buy new tyres as I just bought 4 Michelin tyres so I am not buying more LOL.

I am in south wales.

Max £300.00 for mint wheels


Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP
Hey I am looking for center wheel caps, the ones I have are light grey and do not go with my new wheels.
You can see the difference. I am looking for the darker of the 2.
I only need 3 if you dont have a set. Can pay via bank transfer.

16" alloys, but I think others fit the same wheels.


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Collection in London
Removed from 2014 Audi S3.
Pictures are a few days old, tyres are now on alloys and wheels balanced.
Tyres are Pirelli P Zero and have 4-5mm tread all round.
All alloys have been refurbished and are in excellent condition.
1 alloy has had a scuff since refurbishment (see picture).


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Manvir Sangha

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For Sale...

AUDI A3 8V Navigation System Unit Set with Maps OEM

5.8 Inch Screen - 8V0857273H - £80

Control Module - 8V0919614B - £30

MMI Central Computer Unit - 8V0035874A - £230

2013 Maps Included

Pictures Attached


Can do deal for individual parts or as a package.

Message if interested.



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Car is now gone so I’ve got a few bits up for sale, posted in classifieds but thought I’d mention them all here in one go.

BCS Anti Drone Res Delete Pipe, plenty of threads on here about it - £180 and I’ll cover postage.

Ara Blue Paint Touch up Kit (supplied by Audi) Brand New never opened still sealed - £12

Audi Logo Door Entry Puddle Lights only fitted for 3 months - £40


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Still for sale, open to sensible offers
Cars gone so have a few things that need to go;
All parts from a hatchback s3 2014
Genuine standard cat-back exhaust : £100
Genuine Standard suspension (had coil overs fitted) : £125
Genuine s3 8v wheels no marks and continental contisportcontact 5 with around 5-6mm all round : £850
Brand new Milltek valved back-box (i had a catback valved system from milltek that suffered from a squeek and they sent me a replacement backbox which i never got round to fitting) : £500

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For Sale - MTM Cantronic taken from 2014 manual S3.
No clutch slip when installed on my car, adds a nice torquey feel to the motor with a more aggressive top end, feels like Audi developed it.
Utterly reliable, with practice can be installed in under 10mins,
Used for less than 10k miles, bought in 2017 and only removed as car was sold.

This thread was part of my original considerations–-s3-8v-model.267054/#post-3311941

Looking for £500.


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