Post your A3 Interior night pictures?

The Challinor

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What's mono.pur LOFL


I am a very pretty girl
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Golf R doesn't need mono.pur, all about the driving experience :p

S3 of course, all about the wonderful interior (but don't forget to spec mono.pur ;) )
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The Challinor

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Will it ever end


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On this subject, does anyone know the thread about the Bulb type for changing over to LED interior lights? Struggling to find the thread :(


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I didn't get mono-pur. I think I'll have to end it. Oh the shame of it all........... will any one ever speak to me again.

I cant sleep at nights, I'm not eating don't go out in the car unless some one looks inside and ridicules me, ..........

All is not lost...go out at night when it's too dark to see the interior, sorted.
No need to thank me.


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Does anyone find the heater controls and speedo/rev counter way too bright at night, even at the darkest setting?


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Can't say that I do, no.