Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

audi noctum

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Hi. New guy. Proud owner of a 14 Q5 TDI for about 2 months now. Already have APR tune, fresh suspension + H&R coilovers, and Rohana 20s. We have a 2 Audi household, 06 B7 A4 2.0t KO4 + the works.


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Not been on here for a long time, Swapped the RS3 for this RSQ3 Sportback last year. Exclusive Java Green 7 1/2 month wait was long though!! 8E6C0C4B-A72E-4A37-B89A-228C79038EDE.jpeg 82B43404-C974-469C-81E8-B8B54692B9CB.jpeg 9DFFE877-2779-4E1C-A3D2-CB44BDC9C85D.jpeg 9F3DC02E-C36E-4D3D-9C04-B8F61E535538.jpeg A4D92526-2C75-443D-BA26-16DC8EE80DF2.jpeg