Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

Picked up this last week 2005(55) A4 B6 1.8T Sport Cabriolet for 2k with 103k on the clock. Will post more picks once ive gave it a good clean and polish as its been stood a couple of months, gave the bay a quick wipe down and swapped the brake,oil and coolant caps.



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20160620 165922 HDR
Couldn't help but take a photo, she looks just right ...
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Hoping to lower it this summer and a new set of alloys if I can make my mind up
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New rims!





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:sign wow: Me likey them, they give the car a more muscular look .....
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Give the old girl a good wash and wax tonight so I took it for a quick photo drive.




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Chris loving the car it's looking pristine,just one thing have you ever thought about chrome lower door mouldings? Would tie it all together nicely? Beautiful car top work?
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so gave the old girl a clean today still surprises me just how well it comes up ever time i clean it makes me not want to sell it but come the end of the mth its going up for sale :(

any hoo some clean pics from today:

next week ends job is to clean the engine bay up
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Tried out some new products, pleased with the result.



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Hi I am new to the site this is my first post here are some photos of my A4 avant quattro 3.0 v6 petrol family car

And here are some of my weekend/track car 306 Gti6 supercharged

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And here are some of my weekend/track car 306 Gti6 supercharged

Always had a soft spot for these i went out for a test drive in one that came in the workshop at peugeot when i was an apprentice it was immacluate in white it was quick shame i wasnt driving it though, bet yours is super quick.
Yes bradderz mine is super fast indeed is very good fun.
I have a really good standard one aswell which I will be selling soon if you are interested
•78k miles
•all new genuine ball joints, track rod ends, P bushes, arb, top mounts
•bilstein front and rear dampers with h&r 30mm lowered springs
•fully rebuilt rear beam with all genuine peugeot parts, uprated 21mm tb's and solid rear beam mounts
•Vibratechnics competition upper & lower engine and gearbox mounts
• obd short shift with solid group n gear linkages all the way to the box
•strut brace
•magnex decat with blueflame exhaust
•group n billet leight weight crank pulley
•wilwood midilite 4 pots with ferrodo ds2500 pads and Brembo discs
•Rotrex low boost c38 supercharger, charge cooler and high boost intercooler and pipework
•mapped ecu
240bhp at present in a very leight car and soon to be leighter and more powerful also soon to fit LSD and billet flywheel
I'm sure I've forgotten a few bits it's no where near standard
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thought i should update the pics of my a4


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Love those rims, what's the spec? Genuine or reps, ET, etc. Looks one nice car though.

They are genuine Rotiform SPF wheels, 8.5 x 19 et45 with 15mm spacers on the rear giving et30 and 12mm spacers on the front giving et32, they are fitted with Falken 235/35-19 FK453 tyres all round. I get a little bit of rubbing on the near side front occasionally but only when I'm really giving it some stick.

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Cheers for that, I was hoping the ET was the wheel as I don't want to run spacers.
Does look nice though.
Some recent pictures of the old girl


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Hi guys, new to the forum. My A4, got it standard and only recently had the front splitter and side skirts sprayed up and fitted.
IMG 1104
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This is mine 1.9 TDI (130) Sport 95k full service history - only had it a month but needs lowering IMO
IMG 9979
IMG 9906

IMG 0027
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IMG 5183
IMG 5184
IMG 5186
IMG 5189

This is what i bought a couple of weeks ago, it's probably not a keeper, I'm still looking for another B7 to replace my written off one.
Finally got some pics of the cab today.. 2004 1.8T sport 110k..






Super Clean!

But you've obvioulsy cleaned your car so much, you forgot to stick the Quattro sticker back on at the plastic panel that sits above the key latch (glove box) :p

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