Post pics of your A3/S3

@ToughlilT what happened to ur headlights you had? Didnt you get a set from EM Tuning in a group buy

I did but just had a number of problems with the TYC housings, broken clip, broken tabs on the rear hatch, had some dirty water seeping in from one of the breathers and had some lacquer peel on the lenses so have been having all the luck with them :seenoevil: Now we have some DEPO housings and are gonna do something a little different, just taking a little while to sort it all out


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Here's mine purchased at the end of October.


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Heres mine,my first week of S3 ownership and what can i say,****** amazing car,best move i've made in a long time !!

Great interior! I thought mine was in good condition for a 2002 but yours looks new




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Some time reader, first time poster. Here's my -97 AGU I've owned a little less than 6 months.
I haven't done much to other to it than daily driving it and making a mental list of stuff I need to look at when the winter in northern Sweden loses it's grip.
It's fairly stock though one/some of the previous owners have:
- Fitted a 3" stainless "sport exhaust" of unknown make/quality.
- Hacked/butchered the air intake box to hell and pretty shoddily fitted a really basic cone filter inside it. This is one of the most hideous "mods" I've ever seen on the entire internet... (S2000 filter is acquired and the box is being deleted come spring)
- Put it on lowered springs of unknown height/brand.
- Face lifted the front/rear lights.
- Deleted the rear wiper.
- Swapped out the OG steering wheel to the three spoke one.

I don't want to do anything crazy to it, just service all the fluids/filters first. Then drive and enjoy it.

And for all of you to enjoy, the mentioned "cold air intake mod".....‍♀️