Post pics of your A3/S3

Here's my first s3 picked up around a month ago

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This is my denim blue Audi A3 1.6 sport


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Just got her last week. Been wrenching on it every night since to get ready for tüv.


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13584634 1248184048555667 8286206655263929741 o
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Still a work in progress


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The pic of the Audi looking all orange is how it looked the day I bought it in February 2016
Will be good to see everyones cars in the same place especially for newer folk wanting to see certain cars with certain rims etc

Peace :cool:

EDIT: Nobody diss anyone elses car if you dont like the styling mods etc


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Hey guys. Updating...

Cleaning as always, tires with white letters again :grin:



Finished with Meguiars NXT and done :sweatsmile:


Since the car was shining again, I took a time to record some more amateur stuff for youtube, hope you guys enjoy :salute:

DSC 1239
Going Big Turbo Baby
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My cars second home in this hot weather the pub car park
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Hi. Im a new here from Norway and this my audi :) Also looking for lower door trim good kondition maybe someone will have to sell and send to Norway? :)


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We been on holidays

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Here is my silver s3 had it for 4 months and love it!!!


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Here's my old S3, I had it for 4.5 years and still miss it. If anyone knows where it is, I'd be interested in buying it back and could offer some form of finder's fee. :)

Here's my Audi S3 from Venezuela.

Ps. That's my dad driving since I was the one taking the pics lol.

DSC 0189
DSC 0188
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Just picked up my new daily earlier on 52' S3 225hp BAM did a swap for my 55' A4 B6 1.8T cab and its not the best but its straight and drives well. Not a clear pic but just fitted some interior LED's just after i got it so only one ive got other than the ebay ad ones which are poor so will post up some once ive minted it !!

IMG 1089


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Back in the fold... S3 no3 after a 2 year affair with aB5 RS4.

My new S3 is a 2001 AMK facelift in Ming blue. 93k with meticulous service history. Needs a bit of tlc with the bodywork however is very straight apart from usual roof corrosion.

Revo stage 1 map and Brembo front calipers. Apart from that she is standard.
Heated leather and sunroof, auto dim mirror etc.

Only plans so far are for service/health check booked in for next week at local specialists, refurb Brembos and to resolve roof corrosion etc. Long term I'll be fitting APcoilovers and then pulling the engine for IE rods and a TTE 360 turbo.

Here she is, has she been on the forum before??

IMG 1302
IMG 3633
IMG 1301
IMG 1298
IMG 1300
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Mine,standerd power ATM but with a few mods,getting it mapped next week but I'm loving it,the exhaust and time really opened it up
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IMG 3666

yes i know will get stick. Got this car 4 years ago.
Next 3 months will have windows re tinted. s3 rear bumper done, new front bumper (maybe single grill) and side skirts.


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