Post pics of your A3/S3


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New Lows.




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[Dave B];2211348 said:
Much love for these wheels, best looking car on this page IMO.

Thanks mate appreciate that! I like the red s3 couple of post below mine that's the wheels I was going too be going for next year but not sure now as there is a few with grids now


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Alright mate what colour have you done the wheels as that's the colour am wanting to match the door fins. Cheers

J Eyo

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image.jpg Because the government made me drop the Rotas grr but loving the white, white audi badge on the front to match


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Geir Berhovde

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Holy! Nice rims, what are those? :eek:
Sorry for off-topic, you can answer in PM if you'd like.



Greetings from Norway :) this is my A3 1.8TQ. I just bought it. Coilovers is ordered, trying to get some decent rims and a chip-tune.

Those are Porsche speedline replica rims. I have change the plastic plug to real "golden" bolts with nut. The center have a coat of white plastidip.


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New BBS CH 18" with 8J, ET43 wheels and Hankook Ventus V12 tyres, 225/40 R18

Also bought some spacers, 15mm on the front and 20mm for rear :)

10514741_4516718053899_7560240985511918407_n.jpg 10565289_4516718533911_3930223308163869830_n.jpg