Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here


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Hopefully Saturday with my springs


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Yes It's the advertising picture from the company I bought it from.
I was wondering if you maybe had a super duper garage with a wouldn't that be something! :sunglasses:
If you did though probably have something more exclusive than an A3 in it. :D


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Put on some Niche Misano 19 x 8.5 +34 titanium 235/35/19

S3 & M3
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Yes it’s Eibach Pro and running 10mm front and 15mm back

The back is slightly higher than I wanted but helps if you carry rear passenger and lots in the boot


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@PaulWhitt82 thanks for the extra pictures. Looking vérrrrry good.
Thirst picture for me with Eibach Pro's and the same 18" 10 spoke titanium alloys. What a difference, compared to my E-Tron stock tide height!

How do you like the Eibach lowering springs?

I have 'collected' 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm and 17.5 mm spacers (all from H&R and ECS). Can't wait to lower it and try the best looking spacers.
Looking at your pictures, I think 17.5mm on the back would look 'flush'.


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@Tuttivini - ride is perfect if not better than OEM stock

I have a few issues with clearance and the splitter on some multi story car parks but for every day driving its superb

front has lowered a little bit more and we went camping with the car fully loaded andteh rear height was perfect


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@PaulWhitt82 good to hear! I read stories about the Eibach Pro being to 'hard/firm', so good to hear a better experience!

Do you know the heights front and rear?

My E-Tron is a, shocking ~69cm on the front and ~68.5cm on the rear (measuring from the ground, I noticed all sides are a little/milimeters different, but I guess a full tank already makes a difference...)


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Got some nice pictures whilst on holiday in Cornwall, such a nice place.