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Post lockdown service

AlS3BE Aug 5, 2020

  1. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Let me start by saying it’s a bit odd.
    No courtesy car, big pain cause I’m not near a dealer.
    Keys need sterilised before handing it the guys and gets sterilised before they hand it back.
    One way system in and out the dealer
    Can’t touch the showroom cars as that could spread germs etc. I enjoyed having a nosy at other cars I might buy.
    No test drives
    Worst bit is they wipe the interior down with some wipes and it left this white residue everywhere which requires cleaning when I got home. Can’t see alcohol wipes doing leather or plastics any good. The stuff is already shredding my skin cause I got to use it everywhere I go.
    overall it wasn’t as bad I thought it would be. Big bonus is they didn’t clean my car. Normally ask them not to anyway as don’t want dirty sponges scratching the paint.
    What have your experiences been like?
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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    Similarish experience, car was in for some warranty work

    - Courtesy car offered but long wait for this (Rang end of June, mid July to be fit in with no courtesy car, mid August if wanted courtesy car) as reduced number available
    - Keys and everything sterilised when handed back (keys in envelope). No residue left over on mine
    - Showroom by appointment only, same as test drives. Can't just walk in.
    - Still offer their excellent cleaning service. Surprisingly they knew my car was wrapped so they wouldn't use a PW, still declined as knew they'd still damage the wrap.
    - Had sales team oggling over my car when I went to pick it up.

    Overall a pretty seamless experience all things considered, couldn't fault it really (apart from service guy forgetting to email me the details I asked for so had to chase 4 days after)

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  4. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    The experience was strange, but then so was the different process in every shop when lockdown first started, but I could see what they were trying to do.

    Distance, everything in envelopes etc, that slightly awkward etiquette.

    Agree with others that the interior sanitiser wipe down left everything a bit sticky so had to go over it with a damp microfibre cloth as soon as I got home. My dealer also wiped down exterior parts touched by the mechanics eg door handles and ambience panels - it did sort of look as though my car had been licked......by a salivating cow.
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