Sold Possibly - 2012 A3 8P Black Ed - Sportback 2.0Tdi 140

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Just getting a feeler and I was thinking about trading this in, however dealers are offering low ball for it and it must be worth more than they are ofering. Therefore just putting the feelers out and might sell it privately if anyone is interested at the right price for a quick sale.

Details are

Ibis White
2012 Sportback
Was my company car which I bought off them at 5 years old and 58K and gave it to my wife. Now on 87K so in essence whilst it is down as two owners it is really one.

RNS-e (retrofitted)
Heated Seats
Folding Mirrors
Auto Dipping Interior Mirror
Storage Pack
Interior Light Pack
All the rest is standard Black Edition Spec i.e. Cruise, BOSE, black headlining etc.
Alloys are unmarked. Had them all refurbed back to OEM spec last summer.
2 Keys - 1 never used in brand new condition

Services are 19K, 38K then took it out of the main dealer scope and had it done indy. Been serviced about every 10 K since. Cam belt and water pump done last summer and I did this myself as well as the service as nowhere was open due to lockdown. I have every bill and reciept for all parts bought.
MOT until June

Only things I have replaced have been rear wheel bearing (warranty) water pump and cam belt done at 38K and 84K, tyres (all four matching and 6mm or more) and a new battery which died last year and also had the brakes done at some point. All in all general maintenance bits and pieces. No major mechanical failures with anything.

The bad bits, The small triangles near the rear door are corroded, it needs the tracking done as steering wheel sits to the left slightly. I dont have the Sat Nav disc (which is bobbins anyway in todays scheme of things). Stone chips to the bonnet which is probably part of the course nowadays on an 8-9 yr old car.

Open to any interest but it will be traded in soon. I have more photos if you need them. The photo attached are of the car in a dirty condition.


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I will let it go for £ 5800 in cash, no offers this weekend if someone wants it.

Just waiting for the V5 to come back which likely be Tuesday next week in order to take the plate off and once I have it, it will be going if there is no interest.


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No problems buddy - East Manchester anyway.

V5 is back with the plate taken off so its ready to go. Pick new car up Wednesday so if it not gone before then it will be going through the block at BCA.


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