Possible timing belt issue? Help!


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I have a 2003 1.9 TDI with 145K on the the clock. I have just returned from a trip to Cornwall and noticed that on tick over there was a horrible sounding rattle coming from the engine. When I investigated I noticed that one of the pulleys or tensions for the cam belt is moving slightly back and forwards. I immediately panicked and turned the engine off. I am just wondering is there a way that you can tighten this back up, or as its an important component should I just have it replaced along with the cam belt at the same time, as I presume the cam belt would have to be removed anyway to replace it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also I thought I should mention that I only bought this car a few weeks ago from a dealer with 3 months warranty, so would this be covered by the warranty?

I have taken some photos below to help describe what I am trying to explain.

Location.jpg Direction of movement.jpg


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That isn't the cambelt tensioner - it's the serpentine / auxiliary belt tensioner. As already stated it is meant to move with the vibrations to keep the belt tight.


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Oh okay, sorry for my incompetence. I obviously didn't look at it properly . Obvious now you said it, first clue is the fact that threes no teeth on the belt.

yeah it moves back and forth on tick over, but the rattle is very loud now? It wasn't this loud when I bought. Is the easiest fix just to replace it, and is it an easy job?



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take it back to the dealer you bought it from
get them to sort the problem i may not be that and something eles