Possible actuator incorrect setting HELP PLEASE


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Hi all, I posted previously that I had a new recon turbo fitted after a major noise from the old one. Turbo fitted all fine from garage but it doesn't seem to boost in first at all and the. In others gears kicks in around 2-2500 rpm which it didn't before when it boosted in at around 1200 rpm.

i tested it and it said boost pressure range not reached P0299 code. Garage spoke to turbo supplier who said to turn actuator nut a tiny fraction but still no joy and I'm now left to figure it out as they have tried all number of things, MAF, EGR clean and checked for leaks.

Interestingly on way home I tested first gear buy putting foot to floor and as it climbed the revs slowly I backed off then straight back on the throttle and had boost! friend of mine wondered then if the actuator was actually set correctly as backing off the throttle would have closed the vanes and then created boost which is why then back on full throttle it kicked in. He said that that would also cause it to not kick in until higher revs if the vanes were open too much allow revs.

would appreciate any advice I don't want to adjust the actuator myself as I wouldn't want to risk screwing the turbo. Either that or take it too an engine tuners and see what they think as that is what the garage suggested.


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Who supplied the turbo?


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Local garage got it from Part Co but forgot to ask who actually did the turbo recon. It was a technician from them who they spoke to about the problem.

whats your thoughts?


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ill give you some advise it may not be the the problem you have now but as a rule of thumb dont buy a reconditioned turbo !

as garret do not sell any parts for their vnt range of turbos as they are no designed to be serviced !!

so most parts are made by other party's and are not always made within the same tolerances as garret its worth spending the extra money to get a new one as they are not that expensive anymore unless you buy from the stealer


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Hi sid I hear what you are saying, although the turbo it replaced was a recon and fine so it's always a gamble I suppose.

Chatting again to my friend last night i'm tending to lean towards a faulty or incorrectly calibrated recon turbo. If when I pulled off throttle and put straight back on I then suddenly had boost in first gear then we do feel the vanes are just not set right so not allowing the turbo enough exhaust gas to spin before the engine request boost thus not having any until we get through the gears.

Also with first being such an easy gear the electronics wouldn't possibly bother controlling the actuator to get boost as you don't need lots of power which is why now we feel it probably isn't electrical and more mechanical hence a turbo problem.

The garage did say that if I wanted to put a new one on then they of course would do that with me paying the extra cost then if it did solve the problem then the manufactuer of the turbo would have to fit the bill for labour. It's no guarantee but to me as a customer if things are not evidently right and all the sensors etc worked fine prior to the turbo failing before then they should be all fine now.

I would be happy to just pay the extra now for the new one and even the labour and just send the recon back don't see why that should be an issue.