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Pop through speakers?

Andrew Kelsey Sep 10, 2018

  1. Andrew Kelsey

    Andrew Kelsey New Member

    Afternoon all. Got a small issue on my A4 B7, but it’s really starting to get on my nerves now. I changed my RNSE to the Pioneer SPH-DA130 DAB. All my music is on my phone, and dab was a definite must have, so had to be changed. I purchased all the Connects2 cables and installed the unit. Everything works as should, but when I pull away and the Auto locks on the doors kick in, I get a loud pop though the speakers. It’s the only time it does this, but it’s driving me nuts. I’ve fitted loads of stereos in my years, but admittedly nothing since about 2007..

    From experience I would say it’s an earthing issue, but I’ve checked and doubled checked all my external earths that I’ve fitted, and am happy with them. Now when I first installed this, there was a loud whine coming through the speakers, but after speaking to Connects2 they verified that the transfer speaker box for the Bose unit need all the little adjuster dials turned down (actually, it was up and seemed to be back to front, but they were aware of this) I just cant stop thinking that there may still be an issue with this box.

    Thanks for bearing with me so far, my question really is this. If any of you have used connects2 cables have you experienced any issue like this at all? If you have and you resolved it, what did you do?

    Any advice welcome, Thanks!

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