Poor sound from RNS-E in B7 A4 Cab


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I recently upgraded from a single DIN chorus 2 to the RNS-E.
I have a B7 A4 Cab. To me, the sound in the Cabriolet has always been good. Not outstanding but quite adequate.
The Chorus setup could be turned up quite loud with very little distortion.

Since I got the RNS-E installed no matter what I do with settings, The treble sounds really tinny, and the bass is very muddy and distorted even at low to mid volume.

The Cab, has a nine speaker set up and they all used to blend nicely. Now its all over the place.
The two speakers in the corner of the windscreen scream. Im not even sure the centre speaker works and the two bass speakers in the door are really distored.

Is this because the sound coding has not been set to the cabriolet acoustics?
when I enter engineering mode, go to the radio 3 settings, and turn of the loudness setting. Then, change the equaliser setting to 4 it sounds a lot better.

Anyone experienced anything similar? Any solutions?