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Poor performing P Zeros

Starry Nov 8, 2018

  1. Starry

    Starry S3 8V saloon... APR Stage 2....(-:

    Driving into work this morning I was traveling at about 60mph or so on the motorway, it was damp but not raining. I dropped it into 3rd and put my foot down and got all 4 wheels to spin, I thought at 1st it was the clutch slipping but it wasn't. I'm stage2. I can only put this down to the p zeros, I'd heard they are poor in the cold and wet but really? Are they that bad?
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  3. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Well-Known Member

    I found they needed a bit of heat in them before they are at their best but once warm they were very good. Not had a chance to drive my car recently in the colder weather. Still waiting for the insurance to sort it, parts are on back order.
    In comparison my old Michelin’s ps3 in my last car just performed well hot or cold similarly with the good year asy2.
  4. jassyo06

    jassyo06 T-Cut King ! S3 Saloon Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue

    Perhaps too much power, P zeros on my car are fine yeah in very cold weather they do need warming up like all performance tyres
  5. wab172uk

    wab172uk Now in an X3 M40i

    Don't think the P-Zero's are as good as they use to be. But there are many different P-Zero tyres out there to buy, that it does become confusing.

    Years ago, and kind of performance car came fitted as standard with P-Zero tyres. Now, anything sporty comes fitted with Michelins. I've always found them to be a better tyre, even years ago. Had PS2's fitted to my old Mk1 Focus RS, and apart my old R8, which came with unique P-Zero's, I've always swapped for Michelins when tyres needed changing (if not already fitted).

    Have PS4 S's on my S3 now, and can't fault them.
  6. jassyo06

    jassyo06 T-Cut King ! S3 Saloon Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue

    Most VAG Group performance/prestige cars now come from the factory with Pzeros fitted
    Lamborghini, Bentley also
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  7. Ron240

    Ron240 Breaking the stereotype S3 Saloon Team Ara Blue Gold Supporter Black Edition

    You have done significant power modifications to your car, which as a result is highlighting other areas that are unable to cope when pushed this far.
    Personally I wouldn't even consider flooring it at 60mph in 3rd on a damp motorway(would normally be cruising in 7th :innocent:), but I suppose there is no point in you having these modifications done if you are not intending on regularly driving your car in this type of way.
    Yes the Pirellis will be a factor in losing traction, but I suspect most other premium brands would do similar under the same conditions, possibly to a slightly lesser degree though.
    It's either buy 4 new tyres......or just don't floor it at 60mph in 3rd on a damp road. :D
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  8. Starry

    Starry S3 8V saloon... APR Stage 2....(-:

    I've had the p zeros on since buying the car last January so have used them in the cold weather but as Jassy said it maybe the extra power I now have. They seemed pretty good with the extra power in the summer. My last couple of cars have been 400+ bhp and all been on Ps4s with no cold weather issues.
  9. St53daw

    St53daw Active Member

    I have PZero ro2 on the Rs3 and even without flooring the car & driving steady the tc light flashes from time to time , The Rs is totally standard with the wider fronts , I assume that it’s the tyres as normal driving the cars tc shouldn’t be flashing so with more power & driving enthusiastically the car would be a nightmare on handling

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  10. Wibbly

    Wibbly Active Member Team Glacier TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group Audi A3 Manual

    Just got P-Zeros (not least driven by my want for good rim protection). Not had a chance to really try them yet. I agree about the variants though. Say what you will about 'homogated' tyres, but I think they are different to standard ones - the "AO" versions of the P-Zero have an inferior rolling resistance/fuel efficiency spec (E vs. C), so def using a different compound or construction...

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  11. Flying Scotsman

    Flying Scotsman Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue saloon Audi S3

    P Zeros are temperature sensitive, as are all high performance Summer tyres and will not perform well in low temperatures or have not been properly warmed up, even on hot summer days. Just watch race cars on cold tyres when they step on the power ...off into the weeds they go. Also damp roads are notorious for tyre slippage especially if there is any oil substance on the roadway that has not been washed away from heavier rain, which may be the case here
    I have found my P Zeros to be pretty good in rainy weather....way better than Conti's
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  13. Marky-s3

    Marky-s3 Well-Known Member

    Dislike them to but 4 wheel drifts are fun when leaving roundabouts :yes:
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