poor mpg after fitting forge 007p?

ive just fitted my forge 007p to my standard 225 s3 and im getting around 22mpg's for around town driving, being on and off boost. Is this reasonable? im worried that ive cocked something up when fitting the dv because i think that i was getting a better mpg before. although im not sure and i could just be paranoid. any thoughts?


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That sounds about right, it's pretty much what i get, although mine has been mapped but don't think that would make any difference round town.


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I have a forge splitter valve-very similar to the 007p and im getting around 33-35mpg, but I was getting that before I fitted it anyway and I tend to do mostly motorway mileage.


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I get 27 to 34mpg with a 007 fitted to mine, made now change when i fitted it, just depends how much right foot i give it.