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Poor MPG 2013 Allroad

Rjw86 Feb 12, 2020

  1. Rjw86

    Rjw86 Registered User

    Hey all,

    I’ve driven my C7 2013 Allroad around 2,000 miles now since purchase (mixture of urban, 20 mile daily drive to work and back, and motorway driving, 120 mile round trip to see family) and I’ve achieved an average of 25mpg.

    I know the quoted figures of 45mpg are pretty ridiculous, but surely 30-35 in efficiency mode in traffic is do-able?

    Is there anything I should get checked out? I have a 3,000 warranty from the dealer I purchased from (which I’ve already used to fix a malfunctioning panoramic sunroof) and it had a ‘150 point check’ as well as a major service before handing the keys over...

    Any pointers would be great!


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  3. noisy_lightning

    noisy_lightning Registered User

    I have a 14 plate Avant and the other day I drove 140miles (137 of which were motorway and mostly at 75mph as I was driving at night) and got 36mpg average. Today I drove the reverse trip and it showed the average as 48mph.......

    I drove pretty much identically, cruise on at 75mph, so no idea why the difference.

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    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020
  4. JSR913

    JSR913 Registered User

    I notice this too , pretty similar journeys but widely differing mpg - rather odd
  5. noisy_lightning

    noisy_lightning Registered User

    I have a theory about it but no idea if it's true.

    Last week I was on annual leave from work and I didn't do the usual 500mi a week motorway miles I do, did less than 150mi and they were all relatively short trips.
    When I filled the tank the range only showed 520 on a full tank, not the usual 610 when I am doing my usual week's driving.

    I wonder if the car is trying to predict range based on driving style and recent drives and then when you change your driving style it throws the computer out?

    Either way, despite what it said on the average MPG, this week I got my usual 590 miles to a tank so nothing much is wrong.

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