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Was blowing steam from my ears this morning whilst watching the breakfast news regarding a report out today that those devices used by some shop owners that emit a high pitched tone that only kids & youths can hear are an infringement on peoples civil rights! Now in fairness I can see the arguement and in the truest interpretation of the law it probably is indeed an infringement to expose anyone to a painful noise like that, but they're designed to remove an element of anti-social behaviour from certain public places that the land owners/tenants deem necessary. It does of course just move the problem on to somewhere else, but at least its not in front of a housing estates local shop where Granny Jones pops to in the afternoon for a tin of cat food and gets verbally abused! What really got my back up was they had a kid on there, probably a perfectly good kid complaining about it and how they have nothing else to do in their neighbourhood. Makes me wonder how I ever managed to get through child hood without my playstation or xbox, poor kids today having nothing to do, my **** they have nothing to do, they're just too laxy to bother doing the stuff we used to do as a kid, which wasnt illegal or anti-social generally!! The very next news item was a story of how a 26yr old bloke walking home from the pub in Manchester on sunday afternoon after watching the Manchester derby footie match was set upon by 8 youths, punched to the ground and currently in a coma!! A 17yr old is being questioned about the attack!

Plenty has been said before regarding state of the nation and all that, but when the kids start saying "oh we've got nothing to do, and we cant hang about because the local shop has a device making a high pitched noise we dont like blah blah blah blah blah blah" It just ****** me off!!!


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Made me laugh - on the same report on the radio they had some young guy representing some civil rights organisation saying "if groups of youths are hanging around and you want to move them on then simply ask them to move on" and get your head kicked in and a good stabbing for good measure!
What planet are these morons on?

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AndyMac said:
What planet are these morons on?

Certainly not the same one as the rest of us. It frightens me just how far removed from real society some people are.