Poor fuel consumption. Please help :(


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Hi. Iv just picked up my new car today. Its an a5 3.0 tdi quattro sline s-tronic 2010. Iv driven it home just shy of 200 miles very happy but i couldnt manage to achieve more than 35. Surely this cant be right thats urban figure. It has drive select so tried various settings & kept to 70 mph too. What sort of figures are you guys achieving? Many thanks.


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I'm getting 34mpg average from a 2.0 tdi with 4k on it. That's a mix of town and country roads. 30 mile round trip with 2/3 country 60mph limit. I've rarely seen the journey mpg go above 40 yet.


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Thats fairly poor on a 200 mile trip, what size wheels/ tyres is it running ?, are the pressures good.
Are you looking at the right trip reading figure. Trip 1 is the current journey, trip 2 the accumulated total.
I would expect low 40'S at least depending on how much pedal you were giving it.
It's possible car did a regen if it has been stuck in town, did you notice if the fans were on when you stopped.



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35mpg!..that would be very nice .. :yes:


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I collected vehicle from a dealer up north & he had it ready for collection. Its got 19" audi wheels. I checked both trip fgrs. I traded my b7 2.0 tfsi in for it & when i was driving that up at the same speed i drove the new one back i averaged 39 on it. Could it be poss dpf issues? On a 200 mway trip should have hit at least 40 as it was on cruise (75) all the way...