Polished Bliss Vs my S3 - Take two


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Since Clark is too busy cleaning, polishing and waxing cars just now, I thought I'd post his latest efforts on my car. To say I'm blown away is an understatement!

Clark said:
Some of you may remember the detail i did on this S3 back in February:


The owner signed up for a monthly maintainance plan afterwards which includes a top up of Zymol Vintage each time, and i couldnt have had a nicer day for this months top up :thumb:

Firstly, here are a few pics showing the beading of Vintage after the car was washed, this is nearly 6 weeks since the detail (note that plastics and rubbers are also beading very well too):





Chris had also collected a few scuffs on the back bumper during his time moving house, so i polished these out with the Rotary and then followed up with HD Cleanse and then re-applied the Vintage and then to the rest of the car. :)

I have been told by several people "in the know" about the higher end Zymol waxes such as Vintage/Royale etc that you do start to notice a difference once more layers begin to build up. I had reserved judgement untill today and i am pleased to report that i definitely noticed the car was looking wetter than before when i returned to the house around 3 hours later (i went to view an Evo VIII with paint so thin i nearly fainted! :eek: :D) for the final buff down with field glaze, the paint looked so alive when the sun hit it, unfortunately you cant capture that no matter how good a camera you have!

Chris noticed a difference too which is the main thing :thumb:

Anyways, here's the finished pics, not quite so many as usual write ups as i managed to refrain from being too camera happy today! :D






These are his "other" winter wheels, just back from powdercoating :rolleyes: :lol:









I am now genuinely excited to see what it looks like next month after its 3rd coat, but more importantly, i really really cant wait to get 3 or 4 coats on my Leon! :D :D


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I've said in another thread somewhere that I think this job is the finest Vintage I've seen yet.

Then I saw this top up and started to think............................................................................................
yeah too ****** right it is. The colour and wetness is awesome.



Polished Bliss
Clark e-mailed me the paint thickness data today; I'll get onto the report next week, bear with me, lots happening at the new place over the next few days. Car looks ace, nice to see you found some sunshine. :rockwoot:


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WX51TXR said:
Car looks ace, nice to see you found some sunshine. :rockwoot:

Your part of the world is not too bad for sunshine matey, compared to the rest of us:yes: .

Somehow it's difficult to picture that car in the rain. I see something different in it each time I look at it.