Polished Bliss Vs Golf Mk2 G60 + Zymol


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This stunning Golf belongs to Kenny, a member of DW (G60 VV).

He had contacted us a while back about preparing the car for the up and coming show season. I vaguely knew of the car before hand as my dad is friends with Kenny's and one of my mates did some of the paintwork on the car and to be fair they did a very good job (full re-spray) :)
Although, as to be expected there was the odd one or two :)p ) holograms (see the b-pillar) that could be seen before i had even washed the car:

So, the car was Foamed as usual and left to dwell for 10/15 mins before being rinsed off. It was then foamed again and then washed with the TBM, tar spots removed with T&G remover (no need for claying), foamed and then rinsed again before drying.

Once inside i could see what the biggest problem was going to be, The whole car was covered in very bad Micro-Marring left from the Rotary Polishing the car received at the Bodyshop,some of it was pretty deep too, looking quite similair to the marks left in paint when hit by egg shells:

Note how the Marring robs the paint of any real clarity.

I then took paint readings and the car ranged from around 280 all the way to a generous 1682 microns!

Luckily, the car wasnt too bad for actual scratches (the bonnet was the worst but even then you couldnt really see them for the micro-marring that was present) so i decided to try the least aggressive of the finishing polishes on a finishing pad @1200rpm to gauge how soft/hard the paint was. This made a minor improvement but would have needed at least 2 or 2 hits to achieve a finish to keep me happy so i stepped up to the slightly more aggressive finishing polish on a polishing pad @1500rpm and this took care of just about everything after the first attempt. Luckily this re-spray seemed to be a bit softer then the S3 i did last week although some areas still needed a couple of tries where the marring was especially bad.

Areas like the A & B Pillars, door surrounds and wing mirrors were done with the PC as the rotary couldnt squeeze into those small surface areas :)

After the Polishing was done i then HD Cleansed the Paint and Glass and applied Zymol carbon by hand to all paint and exterior plastics/window rubbers etc. I then dressed the tyres and arches, sealed the wheels and polished the exhaust.

The car was then given one final wipe down with Zymol Field Glaze to remove smears and oils etc :)

And here are the afters:

11 Hours work in total for what was pretty much a straight forward detail for once :)

Thanks for looking :)


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:applaus: :thumbsup: Absolutely stunning as usual Clark. Now where did I put that polish...?


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Once again a briliant Job mate. I'm def coming over at some pont between now and summer :beerchug:


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fantastic, but isnt that a rallye ?
rallyes were g60's with flared arches, g60's had the g60 lump but in a normal mk2 ?


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Once again a brilliant job clark
i will be looking for a good body shop in east london to deal with a dent i just got then ill have to arrange to get mine done for the summer as well.
any one know a good body shop in london?


stunning! paint looks edable! (spl)

the colour of the RS in the first pic looks awesome too!!! :hubbahubba: