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When i strolled into the office yesterday morning and asked Angela what car it was i was doing she informed me it was a BMW M5 - not really what i wanted to hear on a monday morning (after a pig of a detail on the Evo last week) as the M5 is a big car with hard paint! But after seeing the car when it turned up i knew i was going to enjoy this detail, especially because of the colour :)

Here's the car upon arrival, a bit grubby as the Customer made the journey from his home in Edinburgh:

You cant really see it in the pics but this beast of a car is a stunning purple/blue colour (almost cadbury's purple :D) and i couldnt wait to get it looking its best again :thumb:

First up though was the wash process, and the owner hung around for a couple of hours out of curiosity and to watch how to wash/dry the car properly etc :)
The car was foamed with Meguiars Safe degreaser through the AB Foam Lance after i'd treated the arches to the degreaser aswell, the door shuts etc werent cleaned as usual during this stage as the owner obviously keeps these areas very clean himself :thumb:
The car was then rinsed at high pressure and then foamed with Hyperwash before being washed with Meguiars Shampoo Plus and the 2 bucket method. The wheels although grubby had just recently been refurbished so they cleaned up fairly easily with Menzerna 7.5 Tyre and Wheel Gel, was a bit fiddly though, great wheels to look at but not to clean! The lower halfs of the car and wheels were soaked in Tar & Glue remover before being wiped with a MF cloth. Final stage was to clay the entire car and glass with Meguiars Aggressive Detailing Clay and Last Touch as lube, this took a while as it was covered in tree sap and some other weird contaminants, particularly on the roof. I then foamed again with Hyper Wash, rinsed and then dried with the leaf blower.

The arches were then dressed with Meguiars All Season Dressing.

The car was then rolled in to the bay to be taped up and to take Paint Readings. Several areas of the car had been resprayed - mainly the front end, and to a very good standard too, although there were the all too familiar signs of bodyshop work:

Deep micromarring from the compounding pad:

Other than that the car wasnt too bad (compared to usual!) defect wise, just the usual RIDS and swirls really:

The car itself had fairly healthy levels of paint except for the rear bumper and tailgate which were a bit on the thin side..

After trying 106FA and not being that impressed with the level of correction i went for IP3.02 with a blob of 106FA (to try and get as much gloss as possible from the paint) and a polishing pad @1800rpms. The Menz was back to its usual self and working like a dream and i effortlessy went round the car in one hit per panel, with the exception of a few areas that needed 2 hits to remove all that was going to come out. The bonnet needed a fair bit of work though to remove all the micro-marring, its crazy just how much effort is needed to remove these marks sometimes!

Couple of before and afters:

Near side A-Pillar before:


Bootlid before:


(couple of pretty deep RIDS left)

Near side rear door before (this was particularly scratched for some reason):




The Bumpers were done with the PC and a 4" Cutting pad, as were the B-Pillars:



The owner returned to the unit just as the polishing stage was finished so he sat and watched as i applied the LSP and did the various other details.
LSP was Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant, applied with the red side of a German Applicator. As this was left to cure i sealed the wheels (PB Wheel Sealant) and dressed the tyres (Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel). The exhaust pipes were polished (Blackfire Fine Cut Metal Polish) and the bump strips were also dressed (Meguiars All Season Dressing - buffed off half an hour later to prevent streaking). The washer jets were done with Zymöl Carbon.

The Wet Diamond was then buffed off before i did the interior, including feeding the leather with Zymöl Treat and a MF Applicator. Glass was done with HD Cleanse :)

The car was then given a final dust down with the Zymöl Duster before the final pics were taken.

Not as many after pics as usual as the owner needed to get away, and apologies for some of the pics being out of focus a bit :wall:



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That's gotta be one of the cleanest e39 m5's, looks awesome.