Polished Bliss: Jaguar XKR Convertible...


Professional Detailer
This was a nice easy one compared to some recent cars, a rather nice XKR with approx 12k on the clock :)

The customer had made the journey up from Glasgow to have the car detailed so it was looking a bit grubby when it arrived yesterday morning:




So, first up was the wash stage - Firstly i gave the car a thorough pre-rinse at high pressure with hot water (60 degrees), this makes such a difference and quite often negates the need for foaming at all, this is how the car looked after just the first rinse:



Next up were the wheels and arches - i used Megs Superdegreaser and a brush for the arches (which were fabric liners all round) and tyres and Menzerna 7.5 Gel for the wheels:


These were then rinsed off and i then proceeded to wash the car with the 2 bucket method and Megs Shampoo Plus, including the shuts etc:


I then rinsed the car and moved onto the engine bay, which wasnt too bad really, just a light coating of dirt/dust:


This was soaked with Megs Superdegreaser and pressure washed at medium pressure (40 degrees). I forgot to take pics after i'd rinsed it off so apologies for that :eek:

Autosmarts Tardis was next, this was applied to the lower half of the car:


I left it for a minute or two and then wiped any tar spots away with a MF.

The wheels were done also, these were nice and easy to get my hands into:


All the inner rims still had sticker residue, obviously from when they were brand new:


The Tardis easiy removed the residue though:


I gave the car another quick rinse and then moved it inside for claying, i prefer to do this inside to prevent any dust settling on the car - especially on a windy day.

Megs Mild Detailing Clay and Last Touch were used:


The car was then put back outside to be rinsed with hot water before i did the last step of the wash stage, this was to clean the fabric hood - which to be fair wasnt that dirty but its better to make sure :)

Zymöl Fabrique diluted in a Schpritzer bottle was the product of choice:


This was sprayed onto the hood and left to sit for a minute or two before being lightly brushed:


I then rinsed off at low pressure and dried the car with a waffle weave towel:


The leaf blower was used afterwards to blast out all the remaining water in the panel gaps etc.

Now dry, the car was taped up ready for polishing:


As we all know, paint readings have to be taken first! I was curious as to what the gauges would reveal as i've seen a couple of new XK's posted on DW that have had seriously low paint - hopefully this one wouldnt be the same!

Most of the panels were fairly healthy:


One panel healthier than the rest, which indicated a re-spray on the o/s front wing:


There were unfortunately a fair few areas where the paint was low:


The lowest reading i got was 52 microns, and the paint was incredibly inconsistant - probably the most inconsistant car i've come across yet.

Fortunately, the Composite gauge revealed that even the areas that were sub60/70 microns had at least 15-20 microns of clear coat...perhaps evidence to suggest that some manufacturers are now laying down less pigment before adding clear coat - hence giving lower overall thickness readings :)

This isnt to say that all new cars that some of you may come across with scary thin levels of paint are ok to polish, as i wouldnt have polished these areas if i hadnt have had the Composite guage to tell me just how much paint i had to play with :thumb:

So now that the paint was measured it was time to assess the paint. The owner freely admitted that he had been previously washing the car with a sponge, which had inflicted random scratches more than anything else - certainly not as bad as it could have been but bad enough:


The flake in the paint was really strong so it prevented some of the lighter scratches showing up on camera, this is probably the nicest colour i've worked on for a while :)

Knowing that the paint should be of medium-ish hardness i started off with Menzerna 106FA with a Megs polishing pad but the polish decided to be akward, so i swapped over to 106FF - this worked perfectly :)

The polish was worked at 1800rpm's:





Professional Detailer
At last! A car only needing one stage of correction for once :D
Some areas needed a couple of hits to fully remove the RIDS and the bonnet needed a mix of 3M Fine Cut Compound but generally it was easy going, some areas were worse than others :)

Rear 1/4 before:




Wing before:




I called it a night at around 10:30pm, i'd decided to work late as i wanted to be home in time to watch the football on Thursday evening :D

Day 2

As i'd got the majority of the larger panels corrected the day before, i set about the smaller areas with a 4" CCS polishing pad @1500rpm's:


Rich came out the office to play for a bit too! he did the rear of the bootlid and lower half of the front bumper with the G220, he's a cracking assistant and i never have to double check his work :thumb: :D:


I finished off the rest of the rotary work:

Back bumper before:


During (plastics done @1200rpm's to keep heat down):





Top of front bumper before:




I managed to correct the vents on the bonnet too, using the spot pad @ 900rpm's:


I finished all the polishing by around 11:30am and decided to take the car outside to see if i could capture some flake shots in the sun purely because it was such a nice colour. These pics are taken directly after polishing so there's a few smears here and there :)





The sun didnt quite come out properly due to it being quite an overcast day but you get the idea :thumb:

Back inside again, the car was dusted down and i then applied the Vintage wax to the entire car and left it to cure while i did the other jobs.

Zymöl Carbon was applied to exterior trim:


The wheels were sealed (including inner rims) with PB Wheel Sealant and the tyres were dressed with Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel:


Tailpipes were polished with Megs NXT and a German Applicator Pad:


Engine bay was dressed with Aerospace 303 Protectant:



The interior was pretty much spotless but here's the process anyways:

- Hoovered
- APC wipe down
- carpet mats wet vac'd
- rubber mats APC'd and then dressed with PB Natural Look
- Glass - Megs Glass Cleaner Concentrate
- Shuts - Jeffs Werkstatt Prime Strong
- Leather fed with Zymöl treat



I then buffed off the Vintage with one of Poorboys new mf's:


The car was then given a final wipe down with Field Glaze and the hood was also treated to some FG too, rubbed in with my bare hands to slightly darken it and add a certain degree of protection.

So here's the results after 21 hours of work, enjoy :thumb: